Environmental Internship In Indonesia

Environmental Internship In Indonesia

When planning a getaway trip, we would want to stay as far away from our man-made jungles as much as possible and vice versa. I mean, it is only natural for us to do so— we always seek what is absent in our lives. We seek calmness as opposed to calamity. And so, we turn to nature!

Admittedly, there are a lot of destinations accessible, and available, to you. You could potentially hop on your local bus and go to your nearest (or, you know, your favorite) natural park and choose to hike there! Go for a short trek, sightseeing or bird watching. The choice is yours!

However, if you are already doing those outdoor-sy activities, and are looking for something more educational, pragmatic, and challenging— say international internships, for instance, then this article is for you! We will be going through 5 reasons why you should choose to do an environmental internship in Indonesia, or should I say, heaven on Earth!

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

With an environmental internship in Indonesia, you will be able to:

Soak Up Direct Experience In Multiple Diverse Biodiversity

From sacred and historically significant temples to fiery volcanoes, verdurous forests, and pristine beaches, Indonesia has drawn a lot of attention from international tourists and local ones alike in recent years.

Started off as a strategic plan to boost the country’s tourism industry to outperform its rivals i.e. Thailand and Malaysia, President Joko Wildodo’s administrative had brought Indonesia up from the 70th place in 2013 to the most competitive tourist destination in the world today.

You will never get tired of traveling to exciting, unique, and lesser known ecosystems that can only be found in plenty in Indonesia. Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang, Mountain Bromo, Sekumpul Waterfall and many more natural gems are waiting for you to unearth. Let them (re-)ignite the love for nature in you and aspire for you to learn and do even greater things!

(Source: Mashudi Soedjono on Unsplash)

Enjoy The Best of Both Worlds

To intern in an ‘environmental’ industry in Indonesia does not necessarily mean that you will be working in the middle of the jungle with wild animals and no tap water (though, yes, that would be ideal for this line of work but there’s plenty more to see and do). Don’t buy into those stereotypical misconceptions! Your options are endless in Indonesia's environmental sector!

You could be contributing to good causes in city areas and urban settings in one of Indonesia’s five main islands. In urban sustainability. Water resource management. Even food security. The list goes on and on..! To put into perspective, Indonesia is planning to move its capital city from Jakarta (due to potential natural hazards) to East Kalimantan and name it Nusantara.

With the growing number of green brands or eco-friendly companies, your internships are not limited to mere governmental or non-profit organizations! You are free to intern in a variety of private companies from local to international levels!

Work Shoulders To Shoulders With Professionals

Provided that this archipelago is surrounded by gracious nature, there is no better destination for you to study and gain practical experience in environment-related matters most to you! And to elevate your internship experience in the environmental field, Indonesia will be sure to offer you opportunities to learn from the best in the field!

During your environmental internship in Indonesia, you will get a chance to cooperate and work closely with numerous leading environmentalists in the area of your interest. Since Indonesia is gearing towards a more environmentally friendly urban ecosystem or utopia as they called it, you would not be short of experts whom you can seek advice from!

Cast Your Net(workings)

Other than spreading environmental awareness on regional, national, and international levels, Indonesia’s booming eco-tourism sector also promotes its thriving economic activities. Your environmental internship in Indonesia will not prevent you from exploring fields outside of it.

This means that you could be interning in the environmental sector and handling some of the tasks in other fields that pique your interest. That's quite the definition of hitting two birds with one stone if you ask me..!

What comes together with the ability to work in more than one field is the chance to forge new connections with people from different industries. As people become more environmentally conscious, your job outlook is guaranteed to be on the rise. There will come a time when you will find these networks more valuable than ever before.

Explore Indonesia!

Situated just in the middle between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, it is not unusual for this island country to be one of the top fisheries for sharks and manta rays. It is not everyday that you get a chance to immerse yourself in a country that owns over 10% of the world’s rainforest and over 17% of the global wildlife populations! Pack your bags and get going!

On top of five of its main islands, Indonesia consists of 17,503 smaller islands with distinct culture and natural features. So make the most of your internship opportunity and travel around— Indonesia is more than Java, Bali, and Sumatra!

There you have it, 5 reasons why an environmental internship in Indonesia is the perfect opportunity for you to better your chances at succeeding in the professional world.

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