Environmental Internship In Hong Kong

Environmental Internship In Hong Kong

We've all had those moments in which we felt a strong drive to do something nice for the environment and community around us.

But as with everything else, without the right outlet, this flitting drive fades away into oblivion. This doesn't have to happen anymore though!

For all your hopes of helping the environment, the answer is an environmental internship in Hong Kong.

You can take up this Hong Kong internship during your summer break from school or college, and spend your vacation proactively working for environment preservation.

environmental internship in Hong Kong

The environment industry of Hong Kong comprises of nearly 300 establishments, most of which are small to medium size enterprises.

Their work, for the most part, revolves around issues of air and noise pollution control, energy conservation, environmental consulting, water pollution control and water conservation, and waste disposal, treatment, and management.

As you can see, the industry is quite prolific touching on every major environmental issue of today's world.

Environmental internship in Hong Kong is an opportunity to collaborate with an active community of dedicated environmentalists who believe in doing impactful work and bringing a change.

Facing The Interview For Environmental Internship in Hong Kong

environmental internship

In order to get an internship placement with an environmental agency in Hong Kong, you'll first have to go through an interview with the agency.

The objective of the interview is to assess your capability for the internship program.

The best way you can prepare for environmental internship Hong Kong interview is by anticipating and preparing for the interview questions in advance, especially if this is the first time you'll be doing any environmental related work in a professional setting.

There are of course the commonly asked personal questions like tell us about yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, and so on.

Here are few of the uncommon questions that could potentially be asked during the interview and tips on how you can answer them in a way that wins you the internship position:

Why Do You Think The Environment Needs Saving?

This question serves as the foundation for your reasoning for doing an environmental internship in Hong Kong.

The interviewer is only trying to get an insight into where you stand on the environmental issues.

For example, they want to know if you think global warming and climate change are real things or just buzzwords that get thrown around a lot.

Don't hesitate to share your concerns regarding the environment. If you have some facts and figures to back your concerns up, then that will just go on to strengthen your viewpoint and make it seem substantial.

What Inspires You To Work In The Environment Sector?

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To best answer this question, you'll need to pour out all of the drives you feel towards protecting the environment.

Maybe share an incident or moment from your life. Any particular experience that played a big role in shaping your perspective and attitude towards the environment.

Drawing excerpts from your own life will give your answer a personal touch and make it more believable.

What Are Some Of The Most Pressing Environmental Issues Of Today?

This is where you can flaunt all your knowledge of environmental current affairs.

Through this question, the interviewer is trying to understand how updated are you with the latest happenings in the environmental sector.

To answer this question with confidence and ease, you should genuinely research the status quo of environmental issues.

Better yet, since you're interested in doing an internship in Hong Kong, you could also do a little extra specialized research into the environmental issues of Hong Kong and share your observations in the answer.

What Kind Of Work Opportunities Are You Looking For At Our Agency?

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It's time for you to show your ambitious side to the interviewer. Tell them everything that you wish to learn during your environmental internship in Hong Kong.

It could be participating in research and analysis projects, campaigning and raising environmental awareness, on-site visit and field review, plan fund-raising events for the agency, or anything else that you're passionate about.

By relaying your work expectations to the interviewer, you're sending a message to them that you're coming to the internship with clarity.

But don't forget to mention that you'll also be willing to learn other different things that will come along your way during the Hong Kong internship. This will show that you are a flexible worker and learner.

Why Do You Want To Work At This Agency?

Regurgitating fancy facts about the organization will be too generic. For a standout answer, you should be able to explain why the agency does environment preservation better than anybody else.

What draws you to the company? Is it their exceptional work ethics? Their special feats in environmental conservation efforts? Or their dynamic and challenging learning environment?

The key to the best answer lies in explaining how the prospect of working at the agency has appealed to your rational brain and emotional heart.

What Value Can You Bring To This Internship Position?

environmental student internship in Hong Kong

This question is just another variant of the question "why should we hire you?".

To give a smart answer, you should be able to connect and portray your skills, academic background, personality traits, and (if any) work experience so far, in a way that makes sense for the position of environmental internship in Hong Kong.

You have to prove to the interviewer that there is indeed a certain level of compatibility between you and the internship position.

Knowing the specifics of the internship candidate requirements, as communicated by the agency, would be a big help to frame answer for this question.

These are a couple of questions that you can expect to crop up during your interview for an internship in Hong Kong.

Have your answers ready in advance lest you're caught with your foot in your mouth!

Environmental internship in Hong Kong gives you the chance to stop being a concerned bystander on the outskirts of environmental issues and jump in to make a real difference. Now it's up to you to take this chance and make yourself a proud global citizen!


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