Environmental Internship In China

Environmental Internship In China

Remember how as a kid you used to dream about saving the planet from harmful forces?

Lately, given the rising problems of environmental pollution, global warming, and climate change, and the real dangers that these issues pose to the longevity of our planet, it seems like those harmful forces aren't only a fantasy anymore.

There is an imperative need at the moment to act to save the earth, and if you feel inspired and driven to contribute your bit in the cause, then you can sign up for an international environmental internship in China.

You have the opportunity to work on improving the environmental conditions in the world's most populated country that has been dealing with a diverse set of environmental challenges.

The Environmental State In China

China has been undergoing heavy industrialization and massive economic growth over the past couple of years.

However, this growth hasn't been exactly good news for the country's environmental resources like air, soil, and water.

Adding to that a rapidly growing population, the environmental problems in China only get multiplied.

Some of the most severe environmental problems that China faces today include scarce availability of clean, unpolluted drinking water, decline in forest cover and desertification, habitat loss and endangered biodiversity, and degradation of marine areas.

The country has acknowledged the prevailing environmental issues and is proactively implementing measures to deal with these issues, like trying to become more energy efficient.

The government is working on reducing the total coal emission levels for ensuring cleaner air and is also implementing various programs, regulations, and measures that foster a significant positive change in the country's environmental conditions.

This is a great news not just for China and its population, but also for someone like you who is enthusiastic about environment preservation.

Through an international environmental internship in China, you'll get a chance to watch and learn closely how the world's most populous nation is tackling its environmental problems efficiently.

In addition, the international environmental internship China is also great for you if want to power up your resume with some impressive work experience.

It doesn't matter whether you want to make a career in environmental fields or not.

Lasting for a few weeks, this international China internship allows you to develop amazing transferable skills that will benefit you regardless of what career path you choose.

If however you do feel inclined to explore a career possibility in environmental industry, then read on below to find out the best career options that you can pursue in this industry.

6 Awesome Careers You Can Pursue In The Environmental Sector

Are you going into international environmental internship China with some bigger plans in mind?

Maybe leveraging the internship to pave the way for a future career in the environment industry.

After all, green jobs are becoming increasingly popular by the day.

International internship in China is your chance to discover how passionate you are about protecting environment, and whether that passion is enough to fuel a thriving career in this industry.

Here is an overview of the different great job roles that you can consider pursuing for a serious career in environment sector after you complete your international environmental internship in China.

The great thing about international China internship is that it will help you build knowledge base and skills that will be useful for any environmental job role you decide to take up.

1. Environmental Scientist

This is a thriving job sector and the more advanced education you can get relevant to the field, the better you can improve your job prospects.

The responsibilities of this job role varies, but it all comes down to identifying, analyzing, and researching hazards to the environment and offering solutions to eliminate and prevent these.

The experience acquired from an international environmental internship in China would certainly come in handy in your efforts towards becoming a well-qualified environmental scientist.

2. Environmental Lawyer

If you think law and justice are the best ways in which you can serve the environment, then environmental lawyer is the right career for you.

You will need to get a law degree and an environment related degree under your belt to be able to advocate for environment welfare effectively.

As an environmental lawyer, you could represent communities, companies, environment-related nonprofit organizations, or you could also work for the government.

The scope in environmental law is plenty, and international environmental internship in China will give you a nuanced understanding of grass-roots level issues that need attention.

3. Conservation Biologists

Concerned about the impact that deteriorating environmental conditions are having on the plant and animal life around the world?

Becoming a conservation biologist would give you the capability to work on conserving and restoring the precious biodiversity in our ecosystem.

From identifying serious threats to habitats and species to actually protecting these endangered entities, you get to do it all as a conservation biologist.

4. Urban Planner

As an urban planner, you can help governments devise smart and environmentally safe approach towards land and other resources used.

To work in this capacity, you'll certainly need to get urban planning education.

But since urban planning now focuses heavily on development in the view of environmental sustainability, having exposure to environmental science via academics and work experience is also important.

International environmental internship China offers a good opportunity to learn more about sustainable development.

5. NGOs

NGOs offer excellent work opportunities for anyone who wants a green collar job.

You could either work for a good NGO that's dedicated to environmental protection or you could even set up your own NGO and focus on the environmental issues that you particularly care about.

The benefit of working at environmental NGOs is that they usually employ quite hands-on methods and initiatives towards environment protection.

6. Professor

You can also take up a teaching job for environment-related subjects.

While working in environmental education, even though you may not be directly involved in environmental conservation, but you are still doing an important task of nurturing the minds of young talents in the direction of environmental conservation.

The impact may be subtle but in the grand scheme of things, it's powerful nonetheless.

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