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School and college years are some of the most formative years of our lives. This is the time when most of us start shaping up our personal dreams and career aspirations for the future.

Some find their calling to be in entrepreneurship, hoping to become the business leaders of tomorrow.

If this is the direction that you plan to pursue, then the best time to start would be now and the best way to start would be to do an international entrepreneurship internship in Vietnam.

Even though there is no magic path that you can undertake to become a successful businessperson, international entrepreneurship internship in Vietnam does serve as a stepping stone in understanding what entrepreneurship means in the real world of business.

As a budding entrepreneur, you should always be ready to widen your net to consider more learning and working possibilities.

Doing an entrepreneurship internship abroad teaches you business concepts and practices in a global context.

And because we are living in times where commerce and globalization are becoming synonymous with each other, such an internship can help you develop a more open perspective when looking at things and sharpen your mind to enable thinking like a global businessperson.

How Enterprising Is Vietnam?

entrepreneurship internship in vietnam

Vietnam is a country undergoing rapid economic development and it has been doing so for many years now, even when the rest of the world was facing the brunt of the economic recession in the year 2008.

There is no shortage of young, dynamic talents and technical prowess in the country, a combination that naturally gives rise to a culture of entrepreneurship.

Vietnam's business potential is realized by investors outside the country too and this allows an encouraging flow of foreign direct investments into the country.

Metropolises like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are especially witnessing a considerable growth in startups, fintech being one of the most popular domains.

With the young population of the country showing incredible zest and inclination towards making their career about entrepreneurship, business and startup expansion in Vietnam is expected to keep mushrooming at a steady pace.

International entrepreneurship internship in Vietnam can act as a key in connecting you with like-minded enterprising people.

In fact, Vietnamese business sector is not just limited to local entrepreneurs but is also an inviting avenue for entrepreneurs from abroad.

You never know, international entrepreneurship internship in Vietnam may eventually lead you to starting and owning your own startup in Vietnam.

Getting Familiar With Vietnam's Unique Business Culture

entrepreneurship internship in vietnam

Doing international entrepreneurship internship Vietnam does you good in more than one way.

Sure it gives you vital business skills that you can someday employ for your own business venture, but it also gives you plenty of exposure to a vastly different business culture.

Business etiquette, customs, and practices in Vietnam are unique in their own right, and if you take the time and effort to understand them closely during your international entrepreneurship internship Vietnam, you'll realize that you are walking away from the internship with a lot more than just technical knowledge.

Better yet, prepare yourself a little even before starting with the internship. That way you'll find assimilating in Vietnam's business culture to be quicker and easier.

The impact of Confucianism can be vividly seen in the social, behavioral, and even business aspects of Vietnam culture. To get you started, here are some useful insights into what the business culture in Vietnam is like on the whole.

  • Keep your dressing in a formal business setting more on the conservative side, especially if you are catching up with someone for a meeting. You might wanna pack up a good business attire before leaving home for an international internship in Vietnam.
  • You never want to do anything that puts your Vietnamese colleague in an embarrassing spot. Refrain from actions that might cause them to feel like they are "losing face". Face is often equated with an individual's dignity and repute. This means you will need to be respectful and tactful as best as you can be.
  • Seniority is taken seriously in Vietnam. To people who are at a higher rank than you or are older than you, you should give them the respect that they command in all your interactions.
  • If you are punctual by nature, then it's unlikely for you to get surprises in this regard while working in Vietnam. Generally, people here are punctual and even appreciate those who respect time. You being late for 5 minutes is excusable, but you definitely don't want to arrive half an hour late for a business meeting!
  • Building camaraderie and personal trust is an important component of how well employees can work together in a Vietnamese workplace. So when you're there for your international Vietnam internship, you can take the initiative to get to know your colleagues outside the workplace too if you want. Making new friends is anyway one of the most fun parts of an international Vietnam internship and you don't want to miss out on this.
  • All friendships start with a conversation. It's usually all smooth sail after the first talk. Now you may feel confused as to how to begin this first interaction with your Vietnamese colleagues. If you can't find something common to talk about, turn to more generic topics like weather, food, sports, music, family, travel, etc. It would be better if you stayed away from topics related to local politics.

As your journey through international entrepreneurship internship in Vietnam will progress, you will keep learning new nuances of Vietnam's business and social culture.

Immerse yourself freely in this cross-cultural experience that the internship provides.

International entrepreneurship internship in Vietnam is excellent for even those who don't necessarily want to own a business, but simply want to add on to their business and management related studies.

The important business lessons that international Vietnam internship offers are great for all purposes.

The internship is simply an opportunity to upgrade and refine yourself to be better positioned to accomplish your dreams.

Apply For Your Entrepreneurship Internship In Vietnam Today!

entrepreneurship internship in vietnam

The business industry has become very competitive in recent years, and an internship in Vietnam can help you stand out from the crowd.

Internships abroad are also becoming more popular, so it's important to apply well in advance.

Apply for your Vietnam internship below and get ready for an experience of a lifetime!


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