Entrepreneurship Internship In Singapore

Did you know that Singapore is one of the leading business centers of the world, with several multinational corporations, both Singaporean and foreign, enriching its economy?

The island country has in fact been consistently ranked in the top echelons of most business-friendly countries of the world.

The high-tech and business-oriented economy of Singapore serve as an entrepreneurial haven for small businesses as well as giant conglomerates.

And amidst this entrepreneurial haven, there is plenty to learn for anyone who dreams about setting up their own business someday.

The business learning opportunities available can be explored via an international entrepreneurship internship in Singapore.

Why Entrepreneurs Love Singapore?

entrepreneurship internship in singapore

Singapore is a popular destination for foreign business investors. Why? Because this country offers everything a business owner might need to set up their venture conveniently.

Whether it's a corruption-free political system, strategic geographical location, cutting-edge infrastructure, competitive tax system, or high macroeconomic stability, Singapore has got everything working in the favor of its business environment.

No wonder, the country sees on an average of 50,000 new businesses cropping up every year. This number includes start-ups, private SMEs, sole proprietorships, and subsidiaries of local and international business corporations.

The world can see what a great place Singapore is for doing business and no one wants to be left behind in leveraging what the country has to offer.

Let's look at some of the interesting facts about the entrepreneurship scene in Singapore:

  • It usually takes just a couple of hours for new companies to set up here. This time can be narrowed down to even minutes!
  • There is no corrupt bureaucracy to bother business owners. It is only robust and clearly laid out legislation supporting quality corporate governance.
  • The tax system in Singapore is one of the best ones in the world, with territorial taxing policy, single-tier taxation, no inheritance tax or capital gains tax, Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) with 70+ countries, and reasonable GST (Goods and Services Tax) system.
  • A solid legal framework for Intellectual Property rights is present to enable free-flowing innovation.
  • Multi-cultural and largely English speaking populace of the country allows easy integration into the business environment.

Goals Of Entrepreneurship Internship Singapore

entrepreneurship internship in singapore

Every internship program has a purpose, something to offer to its participants. International entrepreneurship internship in Singapore is no exception.

A superficial analysis of the internship would tell you how this internship program would boost your resume, add to your credentials and make you significantly more marketable in the job market.

But if you look deeper, you'll see that international entrepreneurship internship in Singapore is designed to enhance your career on many other levels.

entrepreneurship internship in singapore

Here are the primary goals of international entrepreneurship internship in Singapore that encapsulate its far-reaching positive impact on your professional life:

  • Equip the interns with the right skills and knowledge so that they might someday start and run a whole business independently, or help grows another corporate or social enterprise.
  • Give the students exposure to different functional areas of the organization so that they understand how an inter-connected business system looks and works like.
  • Acquaint the interns with the tough challenges and the sweet rewards that are a part and parcel of entrepreneurship.
  • Help the young students build relationships with experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, to whom they can turn to for advice and guidance at any point in their life.
  • Provide the interns an opportunity to practically implement the entrepreneurship principles they read about in their curriculum.

If you really do see yourself as a business owner sometime in the future, international entrepreneurship internship Singapore would be a great place to start doing your preparatory work for achieving this dream.

Learn 7 Interesting Facts About Life In Singapore

entrepreneurship internship in singapore

Most professionals don't get the opportunity to live and work abroad until they have well advanced into their line of career. But with international entrepreneurship internship Singapore, you have the opportunity to live and work as an expat during or after your college years! And that too in a modern and well-developed country like Singapore. Here are some fun facts about living and working in Singapore that will get you excited about the life you'll lead during your international internship in Singapore.

  1. The work culture in the country is a blend of Western and Asian influences. While at the Western multinational companies you'll encounter a western style of working, at local private companies you'll naturally find more of the traditional Asian culture ingrained into the work style.
  2. Singapore offers a superior standard of living, but this comes at hefty costs. It is one of the most expensive countries to live in. You might need to make some changes in your personal and social lifestyles to ensure that you don't overspend your budget.
  3. The country is small in size and the excellent transportation network makes it furthermore easy to navigate through the extents of the country. Public transportation system, that includes buses and metro system, is quite cheap. Cabs too are very cheap here.
  4. There are many expat clubs and groups in this city-state for several nationalities. Regardless of where you're from, you can rest assured of finding your fellow countrymen here amidst the multicultural crowd.
  5. Looking for a quick weekend break during your international Singapore internship? Even though Singapore itself has much travel opportunities to offer, you can easily travel to the nearby countries of Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand for a nice vacation.
  6. The climate in Singapore is hot and humid round the year, which is obvious given the fact that it's located at a meager 1.5 degrees from the Equator. Be ready to experience the typical tropical climate while doing international entrepreneurship internship in Singapore.
  7. Singapore is an extremely safe place to live in. Crime rates are pretty low here. It's safe for you to travel around alone.

International entrepreneurship internship Singapore is one of those rare good opportunities that allow you to spend some great time living and working in an exotic country.

Don't pass up on this opportunity!


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