Engineering Internship In Vietnam

In a career field like engineering, where you know there are thousands and thousands of students just like you vying for the coveted jobs, you know you have got to do something extra, something more notable than just getting an engineering degree.

Doing an international engineering internship in Vietnam would be a good place to start from.

Of course, an internship program like this would look significant on your resume, earning you major points over your contemporaries who either haven't done any internship or their internships aren't as competitive and outstanding as international engineering internship in Vietnam.

But in addition to this, international engineering internship in Vietnam would also give you the platform for deepening your industry knowledge, inculcating vital professional and interpersonal skills, working in a globalized environment for maximum exposure, and getting more out of your plain academic learning.

This is what a great internship program looks like, not just an ornamental addition to the resume but also a valuable addition to your expertise and experience.

More About Vietnam For Engineering Internships

engineering internship in vietnam

Vietnam is far along its way towards advanced technological developments, chiefly in the attempts to enhance its productivity in the world market.

This means that Vietnam is growing by leaps and bounds in various engineering areas like mechanical, information technology, biomedical, industrial, electrical, civil, environmental, and chemical.

These engineering fields continue to boom as Vietnam relies more and more upon them for its economic development.

Doing international engineering internship in Vietnam would mean working in a country that's on the threshold of rendering breakthrough innovations.

There's no slowing down for Vietnam when it comes to engineering, which is what makes it such a perfect destination for engineering internships.

7 Facts About Living & Working In Vietnam

engineering internship in vietnam

Pursuing international engineering internship Vietnam means packing up your bags and moving away from your home for a couple of months to a place that you've probably only read or heard about so far.

Making such a big move does bring up questions in mind. Is this the right choice?

Am I ready for such an adventure? Is it going to be worth it?

Well, you can quell all your more or less similar apprehensions, because international engineering internship Vietnam is certainly going to be worth your time.

Among the several Asian countries that act as top choices for expats who want to live and work overseas, Vietnam can be considered to be one of the top-ranking ones.

Perhaps knowing these little facts about living and working in Vietnam will put your mind at ease and assure you that a lot of wonderful things await you during your international internship in Vietnam:

  1. Expenses are low to moderate in the country. It's possible to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while keeping your cost of living low. Whether it is accommodation, transport, or eating, you would be happy to know that living in Vietnam isn't going to drain your pockets!
  2. If you're used to living the metropolis life, you will not be disappointed coming to Vietnam. With bustling cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong, and Da Nang, Vietnam offers almost the same living and working experience as that of developed countries.
  3. Vietnam has adopted a more modern outlook but still retained its unique cultural charm. One of the best things that expats find about Vietnam is how culturally alive the country is. Whether it's the celebration of traditional customs and festivals, people striking up friendly conversations amid a busy day, or the lip-smacking food that available in the street markets, Vietnam has sustained a personality of its own.
  4. Because most of the expats living in Vietnam belong to the young age group of 18 to 35, you're very likely to find a youthful, vibrant crowd from around the world during your international Vietnam internship. You would fit right in with the rest of them!
  5. Serving as a natural haven with pristine beaches, streams, waterfalls and lakes, stunning sand dunes, magnificent highlands, and lush national parks, it's no wonder that Vietnam has such a high tourism appeal. You can use international Vietnam internship as an opportunity to open up your eyes to some wondrous nature.
  6. Barring some instances of minor theft, Vietnam can be seen as a pretty safe destination to live in.
  7. Climate is going to vary across Vietnam. In the Northside, you can expect the winters to be cold; places located at high elevations in this part may also sometimes, although rarely, get snowfall. In the summers, though, the North will be just as much hot as you would expect a tropical country like Vietnam to be. The Central and Southern parts of Vietnam remain more or less hot and humid throughout the year.

Start Working On Your Resume Now!

engineering internship in vietnam

If you feel excited enough now to take up international engineering internship in Vietnam, how about you get started this very moment? One of the most important things that you're going to need when you apply for an international Vietnam internship is a resume.

A good resume can unlock the keys to great internship programs. Now because you will be applying for an internship position, you don't have to worry about the lack of work experience on your resume.

But you still need to do the best with what you do have. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind as you begin to draft your resume for applying to international engineering internship Vietnam:

  • Keep the resume short only including the essential and relevant details. If you are going by pages, having a one-page resume is a good idea.
  • If you do have some prior work, internship or volunteer experience pertaining to the internship position or the industry sector in which you're applying, put them across as best as you can.
  • Do mention your objective behind applying for the internship. But instead of keeping it generic, see if you can make those 2 to 3 lines truly your own.


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