The Complete Guide to Doing an Internship in Seoul

The Complete Guide to Doing an Internship in Seoul

Seoul, considered the ninth most populous national capital by a population estimated at over nine million, is the capital city of South Korea.

An internship in Seoul is an opportunity to explore the huge potentials of the country thanks to the diverse nature of the economic activities in the city which cut across sectors such as tourism, technology, fashion, etc.

Prospective Interns at Seoul will have an opportunity to build their resume while engaging with the challenges and perks of a diverse professional work environment, which will go along way to enhance their global employability, and aid their knowledge about the business culture of East Asia.

To effectively exploit this opportunity, is here to provide you with the necessary guidelines to enjoying a successful internship experience in Seoul.

Seoul Internship

As the capital city as well as the largest city in South Korea by population, it is regarded as the commercial hub of the nation.

This makes it a magnet for individuals who may be seeking international internship opportunities. With fascinating structures, not shy of modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways, historical Buddhists temples, to mention but a few, the city of Seoul may be likened to a tourist haven.

One that is kind to most newcomers due to the multiplicity of culture in the city.

The diverse economic nature of this city affords interns the opportunity to select internship placements in any sector of their choice, ranging from a booming tourism sector to the ever-growing technological sphere which houses a number of world-renowned technological giants such as Kia, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, etc.

Regarded as the 11th largest economy in 2016 (with regards to GDP), several opportunities that are sure to bolster your CV with regards to global work experience abound here.

Internships in Seoul

international internship Seoul

Seeking to intern in the beautiful city of Seoul, yet clueless about your preferred industry?

From tech, to software to fashion and tourism, a plethora of options is available to choose from.

There also exists guidance from counselors at ready to provide you with every information you require.

In truth, the opportunities available in Seoul are limitless, as they cut across all sectors of a thriving economic hub of one of the most populous cities in the world.

You pretty much cannot go wrong in Seoul.

Whether your interests resonate in IT development, transport technology, hospitality industry, business/finance, HR assistant, new media marketing, research assistant, design assistant, among many others, you are sure to find something worth your needs.

IT development:

Information technology has continued to evolve over the past few years, and it is a technology that permeates every other sector, hence its importance.

South Korea is one country that has put the growth of the IT industry foremost in her economic policies. The presence of some of the world's top technology companies has made the industry a booming one, capable of competing on a global scale.

IT Internship in Seoul means gaining experience in one of the leading IT hubs in the world.

The industry encompasses data analytics, mobile application development, web application development, artificial intelligence, project management, etc.

Architecture internship:

To enhance your career in architecture, an internship in this sector here in Seoul will afford you the opportunity to learn and build on your already existing classroom knowledge of construction drawings of residential and commercial structures, the development of proposals, and an eye for the traditional architecture of the people of South Korea and East Asia at large.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from world-renowned professionals.

Hospitality industry:

As a tourist destination, an internship in the hospitality industry in Seoul will afford you the opportunity to add to your professional experience on an international scale.

There are different subsectors within the hospitality industry which you can choose to intern in depending on your personal preferences.

They include lodging, food and beverage, travel and tourism, recreation, even management, etc. Interns in any sector of your choice would be a worthwhile experience.

Research assistant:

Seeking to improve your professional experience as a researcher?

An internship at Seoul National University is a place to gain such experience.

At the university, you will be equipped with lab techniques, and be opportune to learn about teamwork, and how to build a great research team based on some of the topmost industry standards held.

An Internship in Seoul as a research assistant will also create openings for you to work with professionals with reputable research careers.

Business development/finance:

An internship in Seoul within the financial sector is a guaranteed means of enhancing your international business development experience, the organization will offer you the opportunity to learn how to analyze a market/industry, attend few networking events and meet potential customers.

Most interns’ jobs in this sector are salaried, and there are opportunities to be retained as full-time staff if you meet certain performance benchmarks.

Life in Seoul

summer intership Seoul

Koreans are generally considered as hospitable people, therefore, foreigners are ensured a safe living experience, devoid of threat of insecurity or maltreatment with regards to the work-place environment.

Great work packages may include; free meals, free housing, free transportation, etc.

There are lots of places you can visit, high mountains which surround the city if you’d like to hike a trail, skyscrapers, temples and modern apartments.

Staying in Seoul, you will be guaranteed an ultra-fast internet speed, guaranteed safety with a vibrant nightlife and an inexpensive shopping experience.

Salary and cost

Internships attract little or no pay, and as such, you will have to devise a means of living within your means through a budgetary process.

Interns pay between $640-$1270 USD per month in rent.

It is worthy of note to avoid luxury items, and don’t be surprised if tea is sold to you for $5USD per cup.

Visa and accommodation

South Korea has a quite different visa-issuing scheme for individuals seeking to intern in the country:

Working holiday visa:

This visa is limited to a certain number of countries whose citizens can apply to stay in the country for a period of 12 months at most.

Tourist visa: In this scheme, your internship is not expected to exceed three months. You can also apply for a visa exemption.

Benefits and Challenges

Internship Seoul


An Internship in Seoul offers students the opportunity to meet some of the best of the best who are more than willing to help enhance their professional experience and build a network with other students.

Career enhancement:

Through skill acquisitions during the internship program, you will be afforded the opportunity to learn skills associated with your career path that will stay with you for life, and help you to gain work experience and advance your career.

Great opportunity:

Undertaking your internship in Seoul, with the intimidating presence of global corporations, you will be exposed to new businesses and opportunities.

These skills will ensure that you can easily acclimate in other climes with the experience gained from these corporations. You can also build a brand for your business.

Culture shock:

The challenge of adapting to a new environment is one that will keep you limited with regards to exploiting the great potentials of the metropolis, but this can be overcome with time and turned into an advantage when absorbed into exploring the diverse cultures of the inhabitants.

Visa challenge:

Not being a citizen of one of the eligible countries for a working visa can limit your learning experience in Korea.

At, you will get the best placement tips for your internship program with zero to no hassles in your application processing, accommodation, and necessary directories.

This is all done in a bid to ensure that you get the best of Seoul and Korean culture during the internship.

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