Business Development Internship In Thailand

Business Development internships, regardless of whether paid or unpaid, are deemed as necessary by many employers and professionals in the field.

While the unpaid internships don't really help you with the pocket money, they still matter because of on-the-job experience that they entail.

Especially if the unpaid internship is abroad, in a thriving global economic destination, then the worth of that internship surpasses far beyond the monetary benefits.

Students and professionals go for a Business Development internship in Thailand for this very reason.

For anyone who wants to break into the business development field, an internship in Thailand can prove to be an excellent career-advancing opportunity.

Why Choose Thailand For An Internship?

Business development internship in thailand

Asia is a major rapidly growing economic market and Thailand is an integral part of this growth.

The country's economy is bolstered by its exports industry and burgeoning local consumer market.

Because of its welcoming approach to foreign direct investments, Thailand has managed to attract many international businesses to come and prosper here.

In fact, Thailand is one of the freest and open market economies of Asia.

Multinational corporations find Thailand very productive for investments because of the liberal economic policies and tax related incentives.

They have actively set up their business ventures here to leverage and become a part of the steady growth curve of the country.

Owing to the various reformatory measures implemented for improving the business environment, Thailand has now firmly established itself in the global marketplace.

The world-class infrastructure for transportation, information technology networks and telecommunications further goes to the country's credit.

Thailand's business scene is diverse, vibrant, dynamic, and most of all flourishing.

If you intend to start big and strong in the business development field, then you will not find an option better than a Business Development internship in Thailand to kick start your journey in the field.

Many leading companies, SMEs as well as the large scale corporate organizations, in Thailand develop and offer business development internship programs to individuals who are just starting out in the field and would like to get a feel of the field before making a stronger commitment.

Even though it's usually the school and college students who go for a Business Development internship in Thailand, if a professional wants to change or expand their career into business development field then they too can certainly benefit from this internship.

Typical Work Duties For A Business Development Intern

Business development internship in thailand

If you participate in a Business Development internship in Thailand, your work responsibilities may typically include the following:

  • Shadowing other experienced colleagues on various business development related projects for the company.
  • Understanding how the business markets in South-East Asia function.
  • Gain training in sales and marketing techniques like cold calling and following up with leads.
  • Researching the market to find and connect with potential clients.
  • Communicating with clients about the company's products and services through meetings and presentations.
  • Providing assistance to senior colleagues at every step of deal negotiation and closing.
  • Maintaining healthy professional engagement with existing clients of the company.
  • Collaborating with internal departments to ensure that client needs are met.

As you can see from these work responsibilities, Business Development internship in Thailand really is a bonanza of learning experiences.

Perfect for the new entrants in this field who want good work exposure and experience to get their foot through the door.

The internship helps in preparation for any full-time business development job that you may wish to pursue in the future.

Do's & Don'ts For Business Development Internship In Thailand

Business development internship in thailand

Working in Thailand is surely exciting, but there are certain things that you do need to keep in mind to make sure your internship experience remains as exciting as it should be!

So here are some do's and don'ts that you should remember for your Thailand internship:


  • By no means do you need to be proficient in the Thai language, but knowing a few phrases as basic as greetings will definitely make a good impression on your Thai colleagues.
  • Research your internship company well in advance before starting with the program. Learn about their history, offerings, important people, operations, etc.
  • Educate yourself about the business etiquette followed in Thailand. It can vary from the norms that are followed in the West.
  • Apart from the business etiquette, you also need to pay attention to the general etiquette of politeness and courtesy. Be soft-spoken always, even if you have something not so positive to say.
  • Be friendly towards your peers and respectful towards your seniors. Remember you are also here to network with people, so do make an effort to make acquaintances.


  • Don't speak negatively about the country's political, social, or religious systems. Best to keep your controversial opinions to yourself.
  • Avoid being late to business meetings and appointments. Employers do not particularly appreciate tardiness.
  • Don't be lazy and casual in your approach and conduct. You have a limited time period to learn, work, and impress the company you are interning with.
  • Bothering the company managers for a permanent job position at the end of the internship should be avoided. You should just focus on delivering your best work and leave that decision-making to the managers.
  • Don't dress inappropriately at the workplace. There are certain recommended business attires for both men and women, be mindful of those.
Business development internship in thailand

There is a reason why millions of tourists flock to Thailand to wash their stress and worries away. The place is one-of-a-kind for business as well as tourism.

While the world-class amenities and infrastructure will leave you spoiled for convenience, the serene Buddhist temples will rejuvenate your spirituality.

Sun-kissed beaches, an amazing variety of wildlife, street markets for food and shopping, exuberant nightlife, beautiful islands, and the list goes on for why a Business Development internship in Thailand is great not just from the career perspective but also for gifting yourself with the travel experience of a lifetime.

Be ready to discover the best of work and adventure opportunities during your Thailand internship.


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