Business Development Internship In Vietnam

Business Development Internship In Vietnam

Tucked away in the easternmost corner of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a country that conjures up the visuals of an exotic, faraway destination that one chooses for a good vacation.

But Vietnam is more than just that, more than just a place where you can have the holiday of your life.

Vietnam is also an inviting place for young enthusiasts studying in school and college who are looking for a fabulous overseas internship opportunity during their summer vacation, particularly in the field of business development.

International business development internship in Vietnam offers students with the perfect chance to live it up during the summers while also doing something fruitful for their career.

Why Vietnam For Business Development Internship?

business development internship in vietnam

What is Vietnam best known for?

Apart from lovely beaches, quaint villages, and adventurous national parks, Vietnam also has a reputation for being home to vibrant cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, and Can Tho that are flooded with exciting business, trade, and financial work opportunities.

Among these opportunities, therein lie the opportunity for international business development internship.

Marked with the strong presence of both local and global brands, Vietnam welcomes ambitious and dynamic students from around the world who see themselves as becoming the business development managers and executives of the future.

A typical international business development internship Vietnam is going to be a practical teacher for you on various fronts of the business development professionals.

The internship program is structured in a way that juxtaposes on-the-job learning and real-world business tricks so that you get fully prepared to explore business development field on your own two feet after you're done with the internship.

Let's look at a couple of useful lessons that international business development internship in Vietnam imparts to its participants:

  • Learning best-in-class business development practices that are actually employed by experienced professionals.
  • Working with research data to recognize the essential growth drivers, new potential areas, and any risks and threats.
  • Networking with important business contacts to nurture long-term mutually beneficial strategic relationships.
  • Preparing research-oriented as well as adhoc presentations and reports through collection and analysis of information for the senior management team.
  • Finding your ground in a fast-paced international business environment like the one in Vietnam and being able to perform with ease and success under the challenges that such an environment imposes.

There is learning galore in international business development internship Vietnam, the only limitation is your own hunger for knowledge and experience.

With a strong resume, you can easily land a great international business development internship in Vietnam that could basically roll out the red carpet for your future in business development field.

Do You Know What Business Development Actually Is?

business development internship in vietnam

Business development is a field that's often misunderstood as being similar to sales. The truth couldn't be further from this, though.

Understanding the difference between these two fields is important if you want to plan out a career trajectory for yourself early on. Here's a quick overview of the difference between sales and business development.

Sales is more directly with revenue generation as compared to business development.

While sales is about closing the deals with qualified leads and keep the money coming in, business development focuses on finding the right match between what the organization is offering and the prospective customers for that offering.

A sales executive is going to be busy with conversing with leads and persuading them to complete the purchase, dealing with and solving any conflicts that arise in the process, and hopefully get the leads to cross the finish line to become customers.

On the other hand, a business development executive is going to be concerned with identifying new market segments for expanding into, positioning the business more competitively in the market, crafting a clear proposition value for the business to market to the audience, streamlining the lead generation process, and developing enduring strategic partnerships.

The distinction between sales and business development will certainly get clearer during your international business development internship in Vietnam.

However, it's important that you get the difference clearly on your level from the start so that you don't harbor inaccurate expectations from your international business development internship Vietnam.

Your Career After Doing An International Internship In Vietnam

business development internship in vietnam

Have you thought about the future possibilities that are in store for you when you take up business development as your career?

Since the field is so closely entwined with scaling the organization to new heights, it allows you to literally be instrumental in the organization's journey of growth.

What you do makes a direct impact on how the organization fares, and that places you in an important position within the organization.

An international internship in Vietnam does open the doors to business development career, but where you go from there is entirely upon you.

Let's talk about all the wonderful career opportunities that you can enjoy once you have solidified your business developer profile with international Vietnam internship:

  • Take away home an impressive salary package because of the crucial work that you are designated to do within the organization.
  • Work in close collaboration with people at leadership positions in your company and have the golden chance to be recognized by them.
  • Since working in business development also keeps you in touch with technical domains, you will have the option to diversify and specialize in any of these domains in the future.
  • Always stay relevant profession-wise, as long as you keep updating your skills, since practically every business regardless of its industry domain needs business developers.

It's possible to be serious about your career and still have fun! International Vietnam internship is a true testament to this.

By doing international Vietnam internship, you can sync up work and fun during your summer break in the most balanced way without compromising with either. Isn't that the kind of internship every student dreams of?


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