Business Development Internship In Singapore

Deemed as a premier financial center in Asia as well as one of the fastest growing financial centers in the world, Singapore has an inviting environment for the businesses as well as the job seekers.

State-of-the-art infrastructure, tax-friendly business policies, stable economy, and growing consumer demands have not only attracted various multi-national companies to establish their regional offices here but have also encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to start their small to medium-sized businesses.

In a place where such blooming business prospects are available, a proportional growth in the demand of manpower is naturally expected.

No wonder many foreign nationals choose to relocate to Singapore for short-term to long-term work prospects, particularly students who wish to do their internship abroad.

business development internship in singapore

One of the key Singapore internship fields that interest students and budding professionals are that of business development.

Seems fitting with the whole prospering business scenario of Singapore, right?

With more and more global corporations starting their business ventures here in addition to the growing number of small and medium scale enterprises, the opportunity of learning business development in Singapore is immense.

Which is why if you are keen on picking up key business development skills, then opting for a Business Development internship in Singapore may prove to be the right choice for you.

What You Should Know About A Business Development Internship In Singapore

So what is the business development field all about and why has it gained such traction?

Many people misconstrue business development as sales when in reality sales are just a small part of this extensive field.

Business development touches areas like corporate planning, marketing, and client relationship management in addition to sales.

A professional in this area is involved in various activities like identifying new revenue-generating business opportunities, planning to retain existing customers and acquiring new ones, negotiating and finalizing business deals, working out marketing strategies, attending to customer needs to build long-lasting customer relationships, researching the market to understand new market trends, etc.

This is an interdisciplinary field that requires a combination of diverse work responsibilities all focused on doing everything that can be done to expand a business.

Working in this field is certainly a delight for anyone who has or wants to develop a keen mind for business.

How Can A Singapore Business Development Internship Help You?

business development internship Singapore

If you are planning to make it big in the corporate world, whether as a top-ranking executive or as a self-made owner of a business, working in business development field will significantly help you with the same.

A Business Development internship in Singapore is popular because of the sheer number of things that one can learn about this vast field by working in a global destination.

Here are some of the useful things that you can learn by doing a business development internship in Singapore:

  • Exceptional organizational, planning, and execution skills. You will become more goal-oriented.
  • Problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic analysis capabilities.
  • Working with clients, negotiating agreements, and closing deals.
  • Collaborating with team members and clients who belong to different nationalities and cultures.
  • How to work independently and as a team member.
  • Identify risks, problems, conflicts, and challenges in advance and take a proactive approach towards dealing with them.
  • Always maintain aplomb and positive attitude when stuck in tricky situations.
  • Fearlessly taking initiative for handling new responsibilities.
  • How to stay motivated and driven even in the face of difficulties.
  • Applying all creativity, skills, knowledge, and efforts to attain success.
  • Understanding how different departments of a business organization work.
  • Enhance business communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Developing business strategies for increasing business sales.
  • Setting up objectives and then designing an effective plan of action to accomplish those objectives.
  • How to work with customers, how to address and manage their needs, and how to retain them for a long time.

Living and Working In Singapore

business development internship in singapore

Imagine enriching yourself with all of these wonderful skills all the while by working in the multi-cultural work environment of Singapore.

Doesn't that sound productive and fun? Well, that's an internship in Singapore for you.

One of the factors that appeal to prospective interns to work in Singapore is not just promising professional growth but also the comfortable quality of life here.

So after a fulfilling day at work, you can count on Singapore's vibrant life to rejuvenate you. Let's not forget Singapore is work as well as a travel destination.

The place is packed with various attraction points that will keep you entertained throughout your internship.

There are world-class zoos, spectacular botanic gardens, beautiful temples, eclectic and delectable food, great shopping markets, and marvelous architecture to keep you enchanted.

Singapore's Diverse Culture

Even though Singapore may seem like a long distance from home, you will not find it hard to live here. In fact, you will love living here!

The reason is the highly cosmopolitan nature of this country. Whether you are coming from the East or the West, you can be assured to find some influences of your culture here.

With foreigners making up a major chunk of the population here, don't be surprised if you feel more and more integrated into the culture here.

It is truly a wonderful thing to see the way such diverse groups of peoples live here together in harmony and peace. You can also get to learn a thing or two about different cultures here.

Safety is one of the major concerns when you move away from home. With Singapore, you can let go of this concern.

It is very much safe to work and live in. Another thing you don't have to worry about is the language barrier.

Singapore has many cultural influences however, English is the language preferred for communication.

If your field of choice for an internship is business development, then Singapore is just the place for you because here you have the chance to prepare and brace yourself for working in the global corporate world.

With a Business Development internship in Singapore on your resume, you are certain to grab the eyeballs of your future employers.

Polish your business skills by working in the culturally diverse land of Singapore.

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