Business Development Internship In Korea

South Korea serves as the perfect epitome for rising from the ashes. It took just one generation for the country to transcend from a poor economy to a high-income economy.

Today the country ranks 4 in the top 5 economies in Asia and escapes the list of top 10 economies in the world by just 1 position.

The way South Korea was able to resist the brunt of the global financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 is a testament to its economic stability.

Business Development internship in Korea, which is such an extremely progressive and stable economy, can definitely help one learns a thing or two about not just achieving growth but also sustaining that hard-earned growth in the face of adverse financial conditions.

business development internship in korea

Scope Of Business Development In South Korea

What sets South Korea apart from other countries is its strong commitment to promoting industrialization.

Being heavily export-dependent nation, South Korea seeks to propel its industries to new heights through more productive and innovative business strategies.

To maintain its position of one of the top exporters in the world, industries in South Korea need people who can help them retain their current share in the global marketplace and even expand the same.

As a result, business development is a key department in the industries and businesses here, thus opening up a variety of business development career opportunities.

In fact, a Business Development internship in Korea presents a wonderful opportunity for the students or beginners in the business development field to gain hands-on experience of developing and promoting a business in an international market.

Furthermore, South Korea boasts of a very promising startup scene.

Not only is South Korea promoting local businesses to go international, it is also inviting entrepreneurs from abroad to come and work here.

With a maturing and booming startup business model, South Korea has become a place where bright enterprising minds from all over the world work in tandem.

All in all, if you are wondering about where and what you can do something truly differentiating to set your business career on the right track, then think no further than a Business Development internship in Korea.

Learning Opportunities For A Business Development Intern

business development internship in korea

Now that we have established why South Korea is a great place for turning business aspirations into reality, let's talk about the work profile of a business development intern working in South Korea.

An internship is not entirely successful unless you walk away feeling enriched with a satisfying professional experience.

Business Development internship In Korea totally meets this expectation of an internship.

Throughout your internship time, you will be entrusted with important business development tasks and responsibilities.

These may seem challenging at first, but then again what work is rewarding if not challenging!

You will not only learn the bigger and more tangible aspects of business, but also the nitty-gritty of how a business runs on a day-to-day basis.

There are two main aspects of business development that you need to master in order to become an expert in the field.

One is managing clients and another is managing company's brand image. These two activities will occupy a major part of your internship.

So if your people skills are a bit rusty or not so good, you will observe a big improvement in them within just a few days of your internship.

Apart from people skills, you will also acquire the right attitude for handling and juggling between a diverse set of responsibilities.

You will be glad for the way you business development internship also acted as a personal development experience in disguise!

Responsibilities Of A Business Development Intern

  • Identify prospective clients, communicate with them about their needs, and follow up with them regularly.
  • Plan action-driven strategies for converting business leads into customers.
  • Represent your company in meetings with high-profile clients to discuss business proposals and finalize deals.
  • Ensure that the client is receiving the superior product or service quality as promised.
  • Prepare and handle client documents such as proposals, agreements, etc.
  • Plan online and offline marketing strategies for building and enhancing a company's brand value.
  • Participate in events and shows to garner leads and make new business contacts.
  • Review and analyze the best business development practices that have proven to be successful.

Reasons Why South Korea Is A Fun Place To Be

business development internship in korea

South Korea is in a class of its own when it comes to its work culture.

Punctuality, trust, respect, and good work ethics, in general, are given great importance.

To make your internship time easy and enjoyable, it is advisable that you educate yourself about the norms, practices, and nuances of the unique Korean culture so that you can assimilate into your workplace as soon as possible.

Your internship time in South Korea will be exciting because you will be living in a country that encompasses nature's beauty as well as ultra-modernity.

If you will look past the state-of-the-art infrastructure, you will also find that the place has still marvelously preserved its ancient cultural sites like palaces and fortresses.

It is always nice to discover the ethos of a country, and South Korea will give you plenty of ways to explore its culture to develop good insights and understanding about the place.

To reward the diligent work culture, South Korea offers a variety of entertainment options, most of which are open until the wee hours.

To satiate the food lover, there are fine dining options including cafes and restaurants that serve diverse and delectable cuisine.

On the other hand, for the one who is eager to explore the country's heritage, there are well-preserved national monuments and museums that will leave you feeling more connected with the country.

Another thing to love about South Korea is its extremely efficient and convenient public transportation system.

You will find it very easy and hassle-free to commute to and from work, and otherwise getting around the place.

Investing your time and efforts in a Business Development internship in Korea is one such good decision that will propel you miles ahead in your business development career.


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