Business Development Internship in Indonesia

Business Development Internship in Indonesia

Whether it’s building a business from scratch or expanding an already established business, intelligent business development strategies are integral for any business that aspires to grow and flourish.

An understanding of how business development works in real-world organizations would paint a true picture for you of how business ambitions are successfully accomplished in a competitive environment.

International business development internship in Indonesia is the ideal way to obtain this valuable understanding and carve out a good career path for yourself, where either you could be helping other companies develop their business or you could be developing your own business someday.

Business Development Internship in Indonesia

Business development deals with marketing and sales activities but with a broader and long-term approach.

This approach is what international business development internship in Indonesia aims to familiarize you with.

The internship offers you exposure to important practical business concepts like expansion in product and service offerings and the discovery of new business partnerships and markets.

If you have a business related professional degree or you plan to get one, international business development internship in Indonesia would be a great way to supplement your academic efforts with experiential learning.

3 Interesting Facts About Business Culture in Indonesia

A key reason why international business development internship in Indonesia is different from the business development internships in your home country is that the international Indonesia internship, in addition to teaching you the business workings, also educates you about the business culture and etiquette that’s customary in Indonesia.

Developing business acumen together with cultural awareness is the best combination that you could ask for, and international business development internship in Indonesia offers you just that.

It’d be a good idea if you go into the internship with a basic view of Indonesian business culture so that you can adjust quicker.

Here are a couple of subtle facets about business culture in Indonesia that you should make a note of

1. There is a Respect for the Hierarchy

It’s likely that you observe the presence of hierarchy at the company where you do your international business development internship Indonesia.

People at senior positions are naturally given more respect, and instead of being addressed directly with their names are addressed with the titles “Bapak” (Sir) and “Ibu” (Ma’am).

If you see that’s how professional relationships work at your internship company, then you should try and conform to that.

2. Keep Your Dressing On Conservative Side

Business Development Internship

Business dressing tends to be conservative in Indonesia, so do mind that when you show up for work.

With men, the attire usually consists of shirts, ties, jackets, suits, etc.

Women generally stick to pants, blouses, and jackets.

Keep your dressing formal and inoffensive to be on the safe side.

However, you can always get an idea about appropriate dressing from watching other people at the company.

3. “Saving Face” Matters More Than You Think

Throughout your international business development internship Indonesia, be very careful that nothing in your speech, tone, or behavior causes shame or embarrassment to your Indonesian colleague.

Something as simple as making a careless joke or raising your voice can do the damage.

Always be mindful of how you conduct yourself at workplace.

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Business Development Internship in Indonesia

There’s nothing wrong in making mistakes, especially if you’re an intern who is still finding your way about the job.

But if you can brace yourself a bit before the internship, you can avoid making some very common mistakes.

Here’s a rundown on the mistakes that you should beware of committing during your international internship in Indonesia

1. Taking Too Long to Mix Up with People

Because your international Indonesia internship comes with a time limit, you can’t take your own sweet time in mingling up with other interns and colleagues at work.

The quicker you are able to build acquaintances, the more time you will have to turn these acquaintances into real friendships.

Relationship building is actually an important part of a business development job, why not start practicing for it right from your international business development internship Indonesia?

2. Promising More Than What You Can Deliver

Internship in Indonesia

Nobody’s expecting you to solve momentous business problems at international business development internship Indonesia.

Your responsibilities will be tailored to your capability level.

While it’s good to push yourself and deliver a little extra, take care not to oversell your abilities and promise more work than you can deliver with efficiency.

Ask for help where you need it.

Be honest about what you can or can’t do.

3. Not Treating Assignments Seriously Enough

If you treat your internship like it is less than a full-time job, then chances are that you’re not bringing enough sincerity and commitment to the internship assignments being delegated to you.

Complete every task you get during your international Indonesia internship with full accountability.

This will not only impress your colleagues and supervisors, but will also refine you to become a responsible employee when you enter the corporate world with a full-time job.

Overlooking Company Norms and Guidelines

Every company has certain standards and guidelines that it lives by.

These could be related to their code of ethics, workplace policy, or any other aspect.

The company at which you do your international Indonesia internship is also going to have its own set of principles.

Commit these to your heart and comply with them throughout the course of your internship.

They are there for a reason and you owe them the respect of adherence.

As an important global economic destination, Indonesia boasts of a thriving business environment that comprises of enterprises of all sizes and scales.

The country holds a lot of promise for business growth, and as such serves as the perfect destination for anyone who wants to understand how this growth takes place.

The emerging market of Indonesia is where you can easily and effectively learn the fundamentals of business development. International business development internship in Indonesia is a career-changing internship, giving you the chance to do better than the average.

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