Business Development Internship In China

The work of business development is critical to all types of organizations, regardless of their size and industry domain.

Looking for new expansion opportunities, preparing business proposals and gathering important business intelligence is the kind of work that business development jobs entail.

It is this very exciting nature of the job that attracts professionals who want to foray into the business side of the company.

The finer are one's business development skills, the more concrete business senses they are likely to have.

International business development internship in China is a fantastic place to start developing and fine-tuning these important skills.

5 Big Reasons To Be In China For A Business Development Internship

business development internship in china

You may have plenty of options to do a business development internship in your own home country.

Then what's the need to skip all those and instead venture far away from home to do an international business development internship in China?

There are 5 key reasons supporting this huge step:

1. Develop Wide-Ranging Knowledge

Every employer would prefer hiring a candidate who is knowledgeable about business culture, processes, etiquette and structures that exist in overseas markets, especially in powerful economies like China.

In a field like business development, where the work knows no geographical boundaries, having global exposure becomes all the more necessary.

International business development internship China would give you the international outlook that is so requisite for the job.

2. Quickly Impress The Company Leadership

business development internship in china

Business development work anyway involves one to work closely with the senior and experienced hotshots of the company, whether it's people from the technical side or people from the leadership itself.

The experience of international business development internship China will teach you exceptional work ethics and capability to handle challenging business deals.

This can prove to be handy in impressing the important people and climbing up the success ladder in your company.

3. Have An Achievement That Lasts A Lifetime

Time isn't going to diminish the value of your international business development internship in China.

This is going to be an achievement that you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

You can always count on this internship experience to stay competitive in the business development job market.

Even if later down the line you plan to switch to any other related field like project management or technical development, the learning and exposure garnered during international business development internship in China will be there with you like a guiding light.

4. Develop An International Network Of Contacts

business development internship in china

Actively searching for new business potential can be considered the heart and soul of business development jobs.

This becomes easy to accomplish when you have a dependable network of contacts, to whom you can ask for referrals, recommendations and other similar kinds of help.

During your international internship in China, you'll be meeting people not only from China but from all around the world.

This means you'll have the opportunity to start building your very own network of contacts, and that too on an international scale.

This network will be useful not only for your future jobs but also, if and when, you decide to go the route of entrepreneurship.

5. Prepare Strongly For The Road Ahead

To do something great, you need to push your way out of your cozy comfort zone. You never know what kind of work opportunities will come in the way of your business development job.

You may have to travel abroad to seal business deals or to study the local market and identify expansion potential.

If you've never worked abroad, you might feel overwhelmed by these huge opportunities.

But if you've done an international business development internship in China, you'll feel the utmost confidence and at ease when these opportunities will fall into your lap.

The Scope Of Business Development Sector In China

China is one of the most challenging markets to conquer any business.

The culture, beliefs and lifestyle are all unique in this country, which places the burden upon the business to customize its business strategies according to the customary practices here.

As more and more foreign companies are entering the Chinese market and more and more local Chinese companies are going global, taking up international business development internship China would be a smart career move.

You can be a part of the growing connection between China and the global landscape.

5 Tips To Bear In Mind When Living & Working In China

business development internship in china

For your international internship in China, you'll get to live the life of an expat in China for at least a couple of weeks.

Needless to say, this is going to be an exciting living experience for you, the memories of which will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Since you'll be spending so much of time in the country, it's worthwhile to know some tips that will help you quickly adapt into this foreign environment and get you feeling like being at home in no time.

Here are a few tips for living and working in China:

  • Socialization and personal interactions are a common part of business discussions in China. In fact, you may find that the initial business meetings rarely give the expected end-results. Since China has a people-based culture, the first step in business activities here is usually establishing a certain level of trust and understanding between the business parties.
  • Don't just hang out with the expat group. If you really want to immerse yourself in the rich culture of China, then mingling with the local population would be the best way to go about it. It will also help you brush up your Chinese language skills.
  • It's considered good manners to address people you don't know very well in a formal manner. To be on the safe side of social courtesy, don't be too casual in addressing people you barely know.
  • There is a galore of travel options in China, so make good use of those. Remember that it's important to mix up the work with fun, otherwise your experience of international China internship would remain incomplete.
  • Lastly, while it's a good idea to read up about the country and its culture before arriving for your international China internship, it's also essential that you keep an open mind to the experiences that naturally come across your way, even if they differ from what you've read.


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