Business Development Internship in Australia

When your internship program is as good as international business development internship in Australia, you naturally feel the desire to turn the internship into something more.

Like a job offer!

The several weeks that you spend doing the internship is enough time for you to learn much about your host company.

Driven by your awesome internship experience, you may feel like continuing to work in this high-octane environment.

If that’s the case, it’s certainly worth trying to convert your international Australia internship position into a full-time position.

Know that it’s entirely up to your host company to decide whether they give you a job offer after the internship or not.

However, you can work on improving your probability of getting a job offer by following the below tips:

Business Development Internship in Australia

Do Just a Little More Than What You’re Asked to Do

If you want your host company employer to see why they should think about making you a full-time employee, show them how useful you can be.

You can do this by putting in little extra efforts for every task or assignment that you are given during your international business development internship Australia.

Sometimes this may also mean going above and beyond your designated responsibilities.

These extra efforts are your way of telling the employer that you’re not just willing but also capable of taking on more and bigger job duties.

It shows that you see yourself as more than just an intern at the company.

Let Your Work Speak for You

Nothing earns recognition like remarkable work does.

You want to be known as the intern who always performs exceedingly well.

When your work will be recognized, you will be recognized too.

Not only your peers but your seniors too will realize that you have special qualities.

Ultimately, your goal is to carve out a reputation for yourself as a good worker in the company.

Your reputation as a talented intern may help you in receiving the job offer that you want so much after your international Australia internship is over.

Business Development Internship in Australia

Respect and Follow the Policies of the Company

Even as an intern, you should learn about the company’s policies and comply with them.

But when you’re aiming to become an employee at the company, you’d need to learn about the company’s guidelines and policies even more comprehensively.

So during your international business development internship Australia, in addition to focusing on your work, also focus on learning the policies and rules that are applicable for the company’s employees.

From policies that dictate things as simple as how to dress to policies that dictate how to work, get to know them all.

This will help you get more familiar with the company.

Remember that knowing what the policies are isn’t enough, you also have to ensure that you are respecting and following these policies in conducting yourself.

Maintain Connections with the Senior Executives

Whoever you’re working under, make sure that you remain connected with this person throughout your international business development internship in Australia.

If you have the opportunity to connect with other senior executives too at the company, grab it!

You want to make sure that the decision-makers at the company know that you exist.

As we discussed earlier, doing great work is a nice way to achieve that.

But you also want them to see who you are as a person.

Just little things like greeting them every day or making small talk with them now and then can make a big difference.

You may even seek mentorship from any of the executives whom you find really inspiring.

Business Development Internship in Melbourne

Be Friendly to Your Colleagues Too

In case your international business development internship in Australia does convert into a job, the people that you’ll be working with will be the same people whom you worked with during the internship.

So it’s important that you have a good and friendly working equation with all your colleagues.

Moreover, if your manager asks any of your colleagues their opinion about you, you would want them to put in a good word for you.

Get Feedback on Your Performance as an Intern

One of the most necessary factors in converting your international Australia internship into a job is to ensure that the internship itself is going good at any given point of time.

This means you are performing consistently well in your internship, and more importantly as per the expectations of your host company.

Who better than your manager/supervisor to guide you on the same?

Reach out to them every once a while for feedback on your work.

Ask them how good you’ve been doing so far and in which areas you can improve.

A performance feedback will not only help you become a better intern, but it will also help you develop your skills even further and thus emerge as a good potential employee for the company.

Learn More and More About Australia’s Business Sector

Since you are hoping to keep working in Australia’s business sector after your international business development internship in Australia finishes, it only makes sense that you learn all there’s to know about this sector.

Australia has a well-established and flourishing business sector, thanks to its notably robust economy and highly developed finance industry.

As the existing businesses continue to grow and new startups keep foraying into the business scene, the opportunities for business development professionals will keep on rising.

During your international internship in Australia, get a thorough overview of the business sector in Australia.

That way when you’re discussing with your employer about why they should hire you as an employee, you can say that you can leverage your familiarity with the local business sector to be great at your job.

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