Best Internship Industries In Peru

Best Internship Industries In Peru

Provided that Peru is to this day the world’s second largest copper producer and home to one of its most attractive tourist destinations, like the colorful Vinicunca or the world-famous Machu Picchu, it is not difficult to be enamored with the country's cultural and natural heritage.

This historical country in South America however not only acts as a perfect backdrop for you to immerse yourself in its multicultural atmosphere but also an appropriate practice ground for you to hone your professional skills with an international internship in certain fields!

Curious to learn more about what those fields or industries are?

Scroll down to find all 5 flourishing industries to do your international internship in Peru!

Tourism Industry

Prime examples of adventure, cultural, and eco-tourisms can be observed across Peru in Cusco, Paracas, and many more. Despite being slightly disrupted by the state of global affairs, the Peruvian tourism industry had already have its long-term strategy mapped out.

By 2025, the local government is aiming to upgrade the country’s infrastructure and related traveling facilities to accommodate and ensure the safeties of incoming tourists as the middle class population increases in number and their attitudes regarding traveling are in a positive direction.

Other than that, plans to enhance human capital and development of more stable tourist information services have been heavily underlined in natural conserved and cultural heritage areas, as well as special economic development zones.

Food Industry

The secret to Peru’s unique and unmatched cuisine lies in the clever combination of Asian-European, and African, flavor profiles that have been seamlessly integrated into the traditional culture throughout its rich history.

To no one’s surprise, centuries worth of hard work are not in vain as the country’s capital, Lima, continues to supply the world with the world’s best-est fine-dining experiences— which account for 28 per cent of its industrial GDP in the year 2022.

But that’s not all, the Peruvian food industry had remained unhampered by the pandemic. In fact, the sector has been going on an upward trajectory as it is predicted to be expanding at the rate of 17.3 per cent in the foreseeable future.

Telecommunications Industry

Peru’s telecommunications industry is projected to continue to grow over the next 3 years in the wake of 5G internet technologies. This makes an entryway for foreign direct investments from large multinational companies which include Telefonica’s Movistar, Verizon, and Huawei Technologies.

The current telecoms environment in Peru allows for expansion of internet connectivity in the rural areas. The Ministry of Transport and Communications has put forth a clear plan to bring mobile access to 70 per cent of the population while focusing on internet and digital literacy.

In fact, Peru is working in close partnership with South Korea to build a telecommunications infrastructure sharing model to ensure secure connection and minimize any gap between rural and urban settings.

(Source: Joe Green on Unsplash)

Finance Industry

Having benefited from technological advancement and positive feedback from the Peruvian government (along with their banking institutes), it goes without saying that innovative fintech is the future of Peru. Fintech enters the domestic market with hope to elevate the country’s financial landscape.

The popularity of fintech can be attributed to the country’s limited access to financial services— which applies to the entirety of Latin American countries! Fintech are estimated to grow by over 256 per cent annually, accounting for the rapidly emerging startup companies domestically.

Despite being a relatively new industry for most Latin American countries, the future boom in cryptocurrency transactions is on the country’s horizons. This paves way for advancements in other areas of development in-country.

International Trade Industry

The scope of Peruvian international trade can be divided into agricultural, manufacturing, and services sectors. In recent years, growth and diversification in Peruvian exports expanded from primarily focusing on agricultural produces, fishery products, textiles, and minerals to their byproducts.

Growth in the whole of Peru’s international trade sector remains positive in spite of it experiencing a slight downfall from the inflation, as the country benefits from political stability, satisfactory level of growth in financial markets and high purchasing power parity of two of the world’s most powerful economies: China and USA.

Despite the development of this international trade industry being subjected to the uncertainties in global trade treaties and policies, Peru is most likely to withstand any financial; or economic setbacks in the future with consistent support from both its public and private sectors in pushing the country forward.

Now that you have an idea of which industries are thriving in Peru, it’s time for you to get your hands on an international internship!

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