The Basics of Applying for an Internship in Thailand

The growing number of international programs offered by Thailand’s major universities have caused more and more international students to pursue further studies in the beautiful tropical country.

Students from France to South Africa want to study in Thailand because of the country’s culture and cuisine, not to mention the friendly locals. Because there are more international students in this country, internship programs are becoming more popular.

There is a wide array of major global companies based in Thailand offering internship programs as well.

If you’re planning to apply for an internship in Thailand, you need to know all about the requirements, the necessary preparations, and the application process itself.


What are the requirements?

If you are a foreign passport holder coming to study for the first time, the first thing you’ll need to do is secure an education visa. International students who are already studying in Thailand don’t need to do so as they already have an education visa.

Students from certain countries may no longer need to apply for this visa. That said, Thailand’s visa requirements, exemptions, and rules change from time to time, so it’s best to contact or visit a Thai embassy or consulate in your country for the latest details.

A Thai education visa is valid for up to three months. Nevertheless, you can ask for a one-year extension if your internship program or school requirements necessitate a stay of more than three months.

Educational Qualifications.

To qualify as an intern in Thailand, you need to be at least a second-year university student.

However, some companies prefer to take on third-year students or fresh graduates as interns. There are also those who only accept students from Thai universities.

Furthermore, expect that some companies are more likely to choose students from more prominent universities. Check with the company you are applying for to make sure.

Industry skills and Communication and People Skills.

Aside from educational requirements, you should know how to use a computer and essential software like Microsoft Office, regardless of the kind of internship you are applying for.

You also need to work well with others, be able to communicate effectively and have a pleasing personality. You should also respect the Thai customs and laws.

Most importantly, you need to have expertise relevant to the industry where you plan to do your internship.

For example, a prospective marketing intern should have the necessary knowledge in advertising and mass communication, while an IT intern must have coding and programming skills.

Thai literacy (optional, but desired).

Most companies generally don’t require you to be fluent in Thai.

However, even a rudimentary knowledge of Thai vocabulary and grammar could boost your chances of getting an internship, especially if the internship you’re applying for will need you to talk to Thai people.

Knowledge of the Thai language will serve you well even outside work. Be sure to know the language requirements in advance.

What should you prepare?

how to apply internship in Thailand


The companies will use your resume as a basis for picking you over other applicants.

A common mistake among applicants, even job applicants, is to embellish their resumes with irrelevant information just to make their resume appear substantial.

Don’t include any information that isn’t relevant to the company in your resume.

College Transcripts.

In addition to your resume, companies will use your grades to compare you with other applicants.

Thus, you also need to prepare a certified true copy of your college transcript.

Prepare for Interviews.

An internship is literally a rehearsal for a full-time job, and before you start one, you will need to submit to an interview conducted by HR.

The interviewer will most likely ask you things that aren’t included on your resume, such as your attitude towards work and other details about your educational background, extracurricular activities, and work experience (if you have any).

They might even ask you for your opinion on how to best solve a problem. As long as you answer with confidence and honesty, the interview should be a breeze.

How can you apply for an internship in Thailand?

You need to contact the company you plan to apply for and ask them if they have available internships. If you are currently studying in Thailand, check your university’s notification board for internship postings.

You can also try asking your teachers for suggestions. If you are studying outside Thailand, you can talk to people in your institution’s office. Ask them for international linkages to know if there are any available opportunities.

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