Art and Fashion Internship in Thailand

Art and Fashion Internship in Thailand

When it comes to creative industries like art and fashion, internships are the best way to create an entry path for yourself in the industry.

Not only do the internships complement your degree in art or fashion, but they also give you a real-world overview of the industry that you are about to begin a career in.

Choose the right internship program, like international art and fashion internship in Thailand, and you can rest assured about the journey ahead.

You should know that landing a great international art and fashion internship in Thailand takes a good amount of effort on your part, including clearing the interview process with the host company where you desire to pursue your internship.

To ace this interview and have a better chance at securing the internship of your dreams, follow the simple and useful interview tips shared here:

Be Genuine and Cheery Throughout the Interview

You want to bag the international Thailand internship that you’re interviewing for?

Well, all you have to do is be as cheery and genuine as you can be during the interview.

A smiling face always leaves a positive impression, indicating confidence and optimistic outlook.

Additionally, you should try and let your own perspective reflect in the answers you give, that is what’s going to make your answers interesting and genuinely you.

The confidence and optimism shining out of you, coupled with the unique and genuine answers, will help you make your mark during the interview and hopefully land the international art and fashion internship Thailand.

State Your Achievements in Art or Fashion Assertively

While you don’t want to oversell yourself and risk being perceived as arrogant, you certainly do want to be vocal about the abilities and skills you possess in art or fashion.

The interview is an opportunity for you to give the potential host company a clear picture of your art/fashion talents.

You want to clarify how you will be a great intern for the company, meaning what skills are you capable of bringing to your international art and fashion internship in Thailand.

Therefore, be assertive in stating the work that you’ve done so far in the field, even if you’ve done so as an amateur.

Do keep the first tip in mind, about being genuine, when you talk about your achievements.

Know What Your Career Ambitions Are

Since international art and fashion internship in Thailand is essentially the starting point of your art or fashion career, you should have some idea about how you see your career shaping up in the future in the field.

Being in touch with your own career aspirations is going to help you not just in the internship interview, but further ahead in your career too.

If you’re asked about your career ambitions during the interview, like what are your career plans for the next 3 or 5 years, then you don’t want to be completely clueless.

Instead, you want to show that you have realistic goals, which you wish to achieve with the help of international art and fashion internship Thailand.

Moreover, you can leverage this opportunity to discuss all the things you are interested in learning during the internship.

Make Sure Your Research is On Point

Put your research skills to work when you prepare for your interview for the international art and fashion internship in Thailand.

Dig up as much information as you can about the prospective host company.

From basic details like when the company was founded to the latest news regarding the company, learn all that you possibly can.

Since this is the company where you’ll likely be spending several weeks for your international Thailand internship, you want to get well-acquainted with the company and get answers to any questions that you may have about the company.

Doing sufficient research will help you get answers to most of your questions.

For the questions that you don’t get immediate answers, you can bring them up with the interviewer and get clarity on the same.

Don’t Dress or Act Too Casually

Since you would be doing an online interview with the host company for your international art and fashion internship Thailand, you might think that dressing and body language are not as important as they are in an in-person interview, but they are!

You have to take care of everything, from dressing in apt formal outfits to maintaining a positive body language.

These seemingly little things can make a big impression on the interviewer.

So, dress up smartly and sit up tall and confident as you talk to your interviewer.

Resist the urge to fidget too much or play with the objects around you.

Learn Enough About the Art and Fashion Industry in Thailand

You should be ready to have a basic discussion about the art and fashion industries in Thailand during your interview.

To be able to do that, read up a little about the industries before the interview.

The fashion industry of Thailand can be described as young, vibrant, and diverse.

In only a small amount of time, the industry has grown to become one of the most essential industries in the economic ecosystem of the country.

Thailand’s fabrics such as cotton and silk are popular all over the world, so it was only a natural outcome for Thailand to become one of the leaders in the textile and apparel industry.

Thailand is not just a fashion hub, but a creative arts hub as well.

Working in the art industry of Thailand will help you develop a deeper appreciation for Thai traditional and contemporary art.

Your understanding of Thailand’s art and fashion industry will get much better during your international internship in Thailand.

But it’s definitely a good idea to come to the interview, and eventually to the internship, with at least a primary understanding of the industry to begin with.

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