Agriculture Internship in Thailand

The Kitchen of the World

Adequately termed the “Kitchen of the World”, Thailand’s agricultural sector is a major contributor to a variety of products for both the national and international market. Some of these agricultural products include rice, rubber, fruits, fishes, sugar, chicken, vegetables and all their by-products.

People on rice fields

Figure 1: Farmers cultivating crops in paddy fields (Source: Pexels)

Economic Importance

Even though agriculture accounts for only about 8% of GDP, 30% of the land is used for agricultural purposes and a majority of the population are employed as small-scale farmers. Agriculture in Thailand has been called the “backbone” of the nation because of how important it is to the country’s economy and to the people’s lives. Agriculture helps provide a basis of livelihood for the 70 million population residing in the country and grants them almost constant employment.

However, even with the success of agriculture in the country, the problem of climate change remains a concern for investors and farmers. Impacts like drought, violent floodings, decreased field yields and rising sea levels have a huge effect on the production of crops. This can lead to the stagnation of exporting these goods to other countries, which will ultimately affect the economy of the country.

Fortunately, the government has come up with policies that support food production at higher standards of safety and quality. One of these policies is the 20-year Development Plan (2017-2036). This plan is used as an agenda for the continuous and efficient operation of development in the agricultural sector. With these strategies in place, if effectively executed, the level and quality of production will also improve. This will boost productivity and increase the economy of the country.

Hand full of grains

Figure 2: Person holding rice grains (Source: Pexels)

Agricultural Investors

Food demand in Asia will continue to grow and the food industry will continue to expand with the increase of population and incomes. Because of this, Thailand is one country that can provide a range of opportunities for food processors and people who are willing to invest in this industry.

The country’s high level of biodiversity, year-round growing season, low labour costs and skilled workforce is a huge attraction for companies to invest in the agriculture sector. The Thai food processing industry currently consists of more than 30,000 factories with annual earnings of US $25 billion. Some of these major industries include Patum Rice Mill & Granary, Thai Union, Saha Farms and Charoen Pokphand Group.

Therefore, anyone who is looking for a career in agriculture, or even data analysis and engineering, can find their start with an internship in an agricultural company. The companies set up in Thailand are involved in different sub-sectors of agriculture. They range from the manufacturing of biological fertilizers to the manufacturing of fuel from agricultural products. So there is a wide range of availability for someone who is interested in interning in this industry.

Thailand: Your next destination

The agricultural industry in Thailand is a great place to start an internship because it provides students with a lot of hands-on experiences. It is also where you can learn the process and production of the food we consume. You will also learn about the obstacles faced during production; whether they be social, financial or environment-related.

Thailand Mountain

Figure 3: Wat Chalermprakiat, Thailand (Source: Pexels)

With AIP, you will be connected with a company that reflects your expectations of what an agricultural internship will be like. You will also have the chance to contribute to implementing new policies that could improve and accelerate the economic growth of the agricultural sector.

Agriculture in Thailand will continue to be economically important and culturally significant to the people. It is a very competitive and diverse economic sector in the country and it provides many job opportunities for the Thai people. Despite some of the economic downturns of this sector, Thailand has been a relatively successful agricultural-hub due to the country’s rich abundance of natural resources from farming to fisheries.

AIP aims to facilitate your internship experience and ensure an easy and successful transition from your student life to your work life. By doing an internship, you will open up into the industry and it will provide you with a head start in your career.

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