8 Things I Experienced From My Internship in Asia

Coming back from my internship in Asia, life hasn't been the same.

Living and working in Thailand for my international business development internship made a huge impact in my life, the ripple effect of which I can still feel day after day.

Moving to Thailand for a few months for my international internship in Thailand wasn't an easy decision.

But it was a decision that I took anyway because I was in college back then and I wanted to see what was out there in the world beyond the four walls I was living within.

After a year of being back from my international Thailand internship, I keep reminiscing the wonderful days of my internship and I hold on to all the priceless experiences it gave to me. Here are the top 8 experiences that I took away from my internship in Asia:

1. Life Is Short and Meant to Be Lived

friends in sunset

We all know this but how often do we actually follow it?

The time spent during international internship in Thailand was an eye-opener towards the art of living.

The philosophy rooted in Thai culture preaches a stress-free way of life.

It encourages one to live a well-balanced life; avoid aggression and tension and focus on the feelings of peace and harmony instead.

The concept of "Sanook" drives the Thai living and it's something that the entire world should be embracing. I certainly have after my international Thailand internship.

2. Clarity About My Career Path

doing business

It was in my early years of a college education when I pursued international Thailand internship in business development field.

I chose this particular field for my internship in Asia because I wanted to see if it would be a right fit for my future in the long run.

No other way, except for international internship in Thailand, seemed to offer the exposure I was looking for into the field.

And the internship certainly did deliver in this regard, by taking me into one of the most vibrant business environments of the world and teaching me how to develop and work on great business opportunities.

3. The Pleasure of Traveling is Divine

thailand culture

I couldn't be more happy about having chosen Thailand for doing my internship in Asia.

Such is the natural and cultural beauty of the country that it's hard to not get mesmerized. From islands and beaches to temples and palaces, I visited them all during my internship period, the most popular ones anyway.

The exotic nature of every place I visited remains imprinted on my mind and heart, constantly serving as a reminder of the pleasure of traveling.

4. Learning a New Language is Fun

learn thai

If you're traveling to Thailand for just a couple of days as a tourist, you don't have to worry about learning the local language since English is pretty commonplace here.

But if you plan to live and work in Thailand for months, then I would strongly recommend picking up on the Thai language.

I learned the language because I wanted to interact with the locals in their own language and be one of them while I was with them.

I didn't go much into the nitty-gritty of the language, but I did learn just enough to keep my Thai communications going well.

5. Being Welcoming to Other Cultures

traditional festival

The world is home to so many eclectic cultures, my internship Asia proved to be a splendid example for the same.

It's so limiting to not try and learn about these other cultures. Getting acquainted with Thai culture during my internship in Asia showed me the importance of understanding and embracing all the good of other cultures.

It's an enlightening adventure that can change the way you perceive things.

6. It's Good to Get Out Of Comfort Zone


Being at home, and even in college, I never had to worry about anything.

Everywhere I went, I had some family or friends to provide me the help and support I needed.

I had never been completely on my own, and the realization came to me only when I was doing my internship Asia.

It was the first time in my life when I had to take complete responsibility for myself, whether it was living, working, traveling, or even just basic grocery shopping.

I realized during my internship Asia that it's good to be uncomfortable sometimes!

7. Eating and Living Healthy


I never really paid attention to the nutritious quality of the food that I was eating before I did my internship Asia.

When I came to Thailand for my internship, I decided to stick to eating Thai food for a while since I had heard that it was very affordable and I wanted to keep my overall expenditures within a budget.

What started out as a necessity eventually became a choice. Making use of fresh vegetables and plenty of spices and herbs, the traditional Thai food is quite healthy and flavorful and made me forget all about the pizzas and burgers!

That being said, some eateries do include a lot of sugar, oil, sodium and MSGs in their cooking.

So always check in with the chef before placing your order at a Thai restaurant and ask them to refrain from adding too much of these unhealthy components into your food.

If you can prepare your Thai food at home, that would be the best!

In case you want to know more about Thai dishes, have a look at our blog "Thai Food “ Top 10 Dishes That Are A MUST EAT"!

8. Value of Being Kind and Friendly


The most important lesson that I took away from my internship Asia was the importance of being warm, friendly, kind, and basically just nice to the people you meet.

All credits to the amazing Thai people I met during the internship. Thais are among the nicest bunch of people in the world and I'm so glad I got to spend a good amount of time with them.

After all, the good that you give to the world goes around to come back to you eventually.

Now it's your turn! Apply now and experience your own Internship in Asia!


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