8 Popular Destinations for Summer Internships in Asia

8 Popular Destinations for Summer Internships in Asia


8 Popular Destinations for Summer Internships in Asia

We all know that Bangkok has so much to offer as it’s been the world’s most visited city for the past few years.

Bangkok is the only cosmopolitan city in the country and is Thailand's cultural and commercial center.

It is all known a gateway to Asia due to its strategic location.

Although the city has become more international due to the influx of expats, Thais still dominate the city and their unique culture and traditions are well preserved.

A summer internship in Bangkok will give you an opportunity to delve further into a professional work environment in Thailand.

As the country continues to develop, Thais are working on improving their social and environmental issues, which are omnipresent throughout the country.

So, if you’re looking for NGO internship in Bangkok, there are a plethora of opportunities available for you.

Bangkok is home to numerous NGO organizations.

During your NGO internship in Bangkok, you will be involved in various social projects that will allow you to gain hands-on experience in an actual field.

Similarly, Environmental internship in Bangkok is also a great option for international interns who share in the genuine concern for environmental sustainability.


Seoul is the most populous city in South Korea and it also numbers among the largest cities in the world.

With its rapid economic growth, Seoul has developed into a bustling metropolis and is regarded as the “Miracle on the Han River.”

Today, the global expansion of K-pop results in the prosperity of countless businesses in many industries.

And again, thanks to the K-pop, Seoul is always on top of the game when it comes to fashion.

So, doing Art and Fashion internship in Seoul will allow you to work and learn in an environment filled with diverse designs, creativities and vibrancy Seoul has to offer.

It is safe to say that Seoul is Asia’s hottest fashion city and Seoul Fashion Week has become such a global phenomenon in the past seasons.

The futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza, also called the DDP, has been a stage to showcase Seoul’s up-to-date trends as well as a representation of the prosperity of the art and fashion industry in the country.

Who knows, you might be working closely with K-Pop stars when you’re doing your summer internship in Seoul.


Popular Destinations for Summer Internships

Tokyo is a populous and vibrant metropolis where modernity and tradition blend harmoniously.

For Japanese people, company is a second family. Hard works and commitment are very common practices in Japan.

So, doing a summer internship in Tokyo will be genuinely beneficial for your future career path as you will be exposed to Japan’s unique business culture as well as its increasingly transnational operations of today's business practices.

Tokyo is also a leading business hub with constant innovations and numerous world-renowned companies.

For this reason, doing a Business Development internship in Japan is a great opportunity for you to learn from many professionals and experts in your workplace and gain hands-on experience in one of the world's most fast-paced economies.

As an intern, you will also get to observe and understand Japanese working environment and values.

Even if you don’t plan to get a job in Tokyo, such knowledge is going to help you see your own culture from a new perspective, which will broaden your horizon and give new opportunities for self-development.

As for your summer internship in Tokyo, doing IT Internship In Tokyo is also a great idea because you will get to grow your network and make invaluable connections for your future.


Singapore is not only a global financial center, but this city-state also showcases its modern and clean image as well as a multicultural community.

It is also regarded by many people as the most livable city in Asia because of its economic prosperity, high quality of life as well as lush greenery.

There is no doubt that why Singapore has always been a top-pick destination for doing a summer internship.

As the rapidly growing economy of Singapore attracts entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors all around the globe, Finance Internship and Entrepreneurship Internship stand out as popular sectors that welcome international interns who are eager to come and learn from the abundance of businesses the city has so much to offer—ranging from a growing startups to well-known corporations.

Moreover, Singapore is home to many of the world-famous buildings, such as the Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade Theatre, the Interlace, to name but a few.

These stunning buildings have transformed Singapore’s architectural landscape.

So, doing an Architecture Internship in Singapore will give you an opportunity to work and learn in the city that’s filled with the productions of the world’s respected architects like Zaha Hadid, Rain Vortex and Moshe Safdie. Need to say more?


Popular Destinations Asia

Situated on the estuary of Yangtze River, Shanghai is an international metropolis with the most influential economic, financial, international trade, and cultural center in East China.

If you’ve never been to Shanghai, or China as a whole, it is possible that you may bring up a stereotypical image of traffic jams, uproarious streets or smoggy skies—which is greatly due to the media discourse.

However, you will be surprised how relaxing and modernized Shanghai is.

Organized traffic and well-planned streets make the city become more lively, yet the city still maintains its own bustling charms.

Unlike traditional Beijing, Shanghai is a very developed and westernized city. It is globally recognized as a business center and leader in finance, being dubbed China’s commercial powerhouse.

So, if Business Development Internship or Finance Internship is your focus, Shanghai definitely has everything you’re looking for.

Your summer internship in Shanghai will provide you with an opportunity to work in a fast-paced and productive environment.

It may sound quite challenging, but this will prepare you well for the real business world.

Moreover, Shanghainese people are also generally driven and focused.

You will meet numerous professional individuals from around the world, which is really important for you to grow your network and make invaluable connections for your future.


Located on Australia’s southeastern coast, Sydney is the country's largest city that’s built around one of the most beautiful harbors in the world.

It is a vibrant and charming city, boosting its natural beauty and iconic landmarks like the Opera House.

A summer internship in Sydney will make you feel as you are on your holidays because Sydney has such a vibe.

un, sand, sea, sky, Sydney has it all!

This metropolis also offers a lot of opportunities as it is the most populous city in Australia and home to many big headquarters.

If you’re considering doingEngineering Internship in Sydney, you should know that it is a very good idea.

Engineering interns in Sydney are in great demand by many Australian companies and they seem to prefer young professional interns as they could train them in terms of the demands of the position offered.

So, doing Engineering internship in Sydney will be a great chance for you to gain a professional firsthand experience.

Hong Kong

internship in Asia

Situated on China's south coast, Hong Kong is renowned for its landscape of picturesque skyscrapers.

It is also often described as a city where “East meets West,” reflecting the local culture’s combination of Chinese roots and British influences.

Hong Kong is a vibrant and exciting city that never stops thriving.

Today, the city has become one of the world’s leading financial hub, which attracts numerous businesses and investors all around globe.

Hong Kong is also a friendly city, especially for students and young professionals.

The city really opens up opportunities for those who would love to do Finance Internship and Consulting Internship in Hong Kong since there are several companies—ranging from startups to well-known corporations—that offer summer internships to international interns.

Through our Hong Kong internship program, you will get to learn how businesses operate in Asia, grow your international network by meeting experts in different industries and immerse yourself into a new culture that will broaden your perspective.

Other summer internships in Hong Kong in great demands are Business Development, Hospitality as well as HR internships.


Situated in the northern tip of the island, Taipei is amazing modern city with various historical attractions, countless night markets as well as well-preserved natural resources.

The city has been growing into a more popular destination for international interns because the city is really clean, organized, and livable with its own style and charm.

Today, more and more young professionals are taking their ways towards the city of Taipei as Taiwan is highly free in economic activities.

Many businesses in the city have been continually increased during the past 40 years and the rapid expansion has made placed Taiwan as one of the ‘Four Asian Tigers,’ with Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Recently Taipei has established itself in the capital and high-tech industries, so doing IT internship in Taipei will provide you with first hand experience as well as enjoy the dynamic culture that will be extremely beneficial for your development.

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