5 Reasons Why I Chose Thailand For My Internship In Asia

5 Reasons Why I Chose Thailand For My Internship In Asia

It was long before summer even began that I had started worrying about my summer internship plans.

Unlike my friends who were happy signing up for local internships, I was on the lookout for something else.

For me, the idea of summer internship wasn't only about gaining work experience in my field of study, which happens to be marketing and advertising, but it was rather about gaining a wholesome work as well as life experience.

I wanted my summer internship to be as exciting as it could get! My internship in Asia was exactly the kind of experience that I was looking for.

Since I was clear from the start that local internship isn't the right choice for me, I knew I was looking at overseas internship opportunities.

The exotic and mesmerizing Asia seemed like an interesting option. So I started studying about internship possibilities in different Asian countries.

I kept my search net as extensive as possible, looking for great places that have the combination of a thriving marketing sector and a riveting culture.

And when I researched and compared all the suitable short-listed places, Thailand seemed to fit my criteria the best. Here I'd like to share my reasons for finally settling on Thailand for my internship in Asia:

1. Advanced Marketing & Advertising Industry

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The number one thing that impressed me about an international internship in Thailand was just how creative their marketing and advertising industry was.

Whether it's branding, digital marketing, communications, or any other aspect of marketing and advertising, I saw that Thailand was deep into it and doing it better than most.

That's when I first knew that there is no other place I'd rather be for my internship in Asia.

I figured that international internship in Thailand in marketing field is the only one that can offer me a full spectrum of relevant learning for my needs.

There are a plethora of marketing agencies in Thailand, and Asia Internship Program does a great job in setting each person up with an internship program that befits them, as they did with me too.

Asia Internship Program proved to be a great help in this regard, in ensuring that my international Thailand internship took place at a good organization offering innovative marketing services and that I wasn't wasting my time doing below-average work.

2. Inexpensive Living & Working In Thailand

my internship in asia

Another major reason that drove me towards taking up international Thailand internship was the relatively low cost of living in Thailand.

I didn't want my internship in Asia to be too burdensome on my finances. Thailand is long known to be a great place for quality living for expats, and I was aware of this reputation of the country.

This is why even when I expected to get an unpaid international internship in Thailand, I was okay with the unpaid part because I knew that I could live and work in Thailand on a cost-friendly budget.

The property rent is cheap, again this would depend on where you live. Eating out at the local restaurants is actually cheaper than cooking a meal at home!

If your living needs are basic and simple, it's possible to have a budget-friendly international Thailand internship.

This is exactly what I did, kept my daily living simple and finished my internship in Asia without wrecking my planned budget.

3. Spending Summer In Tropical Paradise

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Okay, so who wouldn't like to spend their summer living in a place that's basically a tropical heaven on Earth!

Thailand is as exotic as a place can get. The thought of spending my summer only working was frightening to me.

That's definitely not how I wished to spend my precious vacation time. When I was researching for my internship Asia, I knew I had to find a place that could offer me a good mix of work, travel, and adventure.

With all the stunning beaches, beautiful islands, lush forests, thrilling adventure activities, and diverse wildlife, Thailand seemed the perfect place to offer me the complete internship package I was seeking.

Traveling is one of my biggest passions, and I wanted to integrate that as much as possible into my internship Asia experience. Thailand simply made this possible for me.

4. Explore A New Workplace Culture

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Thailand is the polar opposite of the West when it comes to business etiquette, traditions, and customs. Their workplace and business culture are truly unique.

The more I read about how people work in offices in Thailand, the more I wanted to actually be there and work alongside them.

It all just seemed so different in a good way. From how people greet each other and the topics of formal conversations right down to how business and workplace decisions are taken, Thailand has its own way of doing things.

Because the basic intention behind my internship Asia was to evolve my professional and personal self as much as possible, it became a no-brainer for me to choose Thailand for this purpose.

I strongly felt that exposure to a different kind of working culture would groom me for the better; it would make me more culturally aware and prepare me to easily take up international work opportunities in the future too.

5. Make New Friends For Life

my internship in asia

I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends.

According to me, one of the greatest pleasures of life is getting to meet diverse people, learning their back-stories, and listening to them share their life dreams and purposes.

It's a superb way to try and look beyond yourself. I expected my internship Asia to give me the opportunity of meeting people from all across the globe, belonging to different nationalities, cultures, opinions, and mindsets.

I found that Thailand is one of the best places in Asia that attracts an international crowd.

So naturally, I was driven to do my internship Asia in Thailand, knowing for sure that here I'd find an eclectic bunch of people to befriend.

And certainly, apart from the lovely Thai people, I got to meet and make friends with students from around the world.


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