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China overview

China is a beautiful historic country, possessing a unique geographic combination of big city life, mountainous landscapes, and subtropical rainforests. An internship in China will introduce you to the country’s one of a kind culture, special traditions and world- famous cuisine. Known as one of the largest countries in the world and maintaining the biggest population, China provides a vast array of professional opportunities to work in various business sectors. AIP’s China internship program will provide you with all of the necessary components to experience all of the amazing things that the country has to offer.

Furthermore, an international internship in China on your CV will be highly valued by your future employers, which will set you apart from other candidates. You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with many different business professionals from all over the world. Your customized China internship will expose you to many different situations and features, which will put yourself in the best position to kickstart your career.

Currently, for our China internship, we are offering 4 programs:

  • Shanghai Internship
  • Beijing Internship
  • Shenzhou Internship
  • Chengdu Internship

Participating in a China internship to acquire international work experience is a great opportunity for any university students or young professionals. An international internship in China is a prime career opportunity to explore due to the fact that the country is a major business hub of not only Asia but around the world. Additionally, China is the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer, while also having a rapidly growing consumer market. Major industry fields in China today include Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Import Export.

AIP maintains a broad network of partner companies, which encompasses a wide range of industry fields to offer internships in China for international students. Whether you want to do an internship during your academic studies or over the summer, we accept applications throughout the whole year for China internships.

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Internship experience in China

China is a fascinating and unique country where it is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. From the ancient time to the modern day, China boasts its long history and rich culture. As soon as you arrive in the land of the Red Dragon, you will be thrilled at the enthusiasm and energy the country has to offer. You will notice that China is a mixture of the traditional and the modern. The lifestyle of an international intern in China can be truly one-of-a-kind depending on the city you are in. Yet, what all interns in China will find in common is the exotic culture that is waiting for visitors to discover. Your internship in China will allow you to experience not only an insight into East Asia but also the business culture that combines Western capitalism with the Confucian values harmoniously.

When you have some free time outside of your internship, we highly suggest you visit all the world-famous landmarks like the magnificent Forbidden City in Beijing, Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai and of course the Great Wall of China. With its vast territory and diverse landscapes, China has a wide range of activities for everyone, from immersing yourself in nature at Jiuzhaigou National Park, witnessing the glorious history of the terracotta army in Xi’an, holding and feeding giant pandas in Chengdu to trying the original Peking duck in Beijing.

10 Reasons To Intern In China

  1. An internship in China offers you the opportunity to become a part of a growing economy. In China, you can intern in its flourishing industries whether they be engineering; imports & exports; or hospitality and tourism! Whichever fields you opt for, you most certainly will be submerging yourself in new found creativity by the time your internship is over!
  2. An internship in China can differentiate you from the rest of the crowd! A professional experience in one of the world’s fastest growing economies could say a lot of things about you. First, it indicates that you are skillful enough to be able to compete internationally. Second, it suggests that you are capable of adapting to new and challenging circumstances.
  3. An internship in China gives you an opportunity to pick up a global language! With the Chinese population settling in multiple different locations around the world, the chances of you collaborating with them on a professional level are high. Gaining another world language other than English then proves to be a great asset in the professional world of today.
  4. An internship in China helps you develop personally. Successfully completing an internship in a country whose culture and language are largely different from what you are familiar with requires a lot of skills, and grit. At the end of your internship, your perspective is guaranteed to change for the better!
  5. An internship in China allows you to explore the country’s ancient cities. Inspirations are all around in the ancient cities of China. A tour in China’s ancient cities will most definitely give you an insight into the traditional Chinese customs and culture. It would also most likely stop you in your steps and help you reflect on how much China had changed!
  6. You will gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture! Aside from equipping you with necessary practical skills essential for your future career development, an internship in China contributes to furthering your knowledge on its long existing and rich culture. This may come in handy during your future collaborative work with those from the region!
  7. You will get a chance to work together with international talents! As a rapidly growing economy and the world’s largest manufacturer, China is the magnet of multinational talents. Throughout the course of your internship, you will be able to cultivate new insights, ideas, and perspectives from your fellow workmates— this is how you invent and create!
  8. You will build a wider professional network with an internship in China! Since you will be producing meaningful works with your peers for the entire duration of your internship in China, you have the tendency to take your ‘constructive cooperation’ to new heights. In the long run, you may end up collaborating with them on your future projects or becoming best business partners!
  9. You will be able to make new friends! Arguably, this might as well be one of the most rewarding things you could ever gain from an internship abroad. Your coworkers who invite you to lunch with them? The ones that help you out with work? They could become your friends for life! How cool is it to be able to say to your friends and families back home that you have made many friends in China?
  10. You will be able to go on a food adventure! Beijing. Chengdu. Guangzhou. Chongqing. China is jam packed with diverse and mouth watering food, along the streets, inside valleys, by the river or up in the mountains. An internship in China is your chance to expand your food palate!!

Top Industries

Prior to the major economic turning point, the state of the Chinese economy had been under the control of the state. This constitutes the entire production process of China's commodity goods, namely, garments, textiles, concrete, petroleum, and chemical fertilizers. Considered one of the country’s most depressing periods, its economy suffered from severe fluctuations. In fact, China was experiencing a recession until it underwent a complete transformation in 1976.

Following the cultural revolution, a socio-political movement led by Mao Zedong’s People’s Republic of China, modern China has been enjoying the benefits of liberalized international trade and decentralization of its economy for the past 40 years. This has brought about more sustainable and innovative use of its surpluses in natural and human resources. In fact, it is these external contributing factors that accelerated the country’s economy and put it well ahead of those of the Asian Tigers: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.

As competitive as it is today on the world stage, China heavily relies on its neighbors as key trading partners. To China, maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with its existing trade partners (the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.) means continuation of exports of manufacturing goods such as machinery, electronic components, textiles, and integrated circuits.

Despite that, China’s strength lies in one other essential sector. Granted with its vast and fertile land area, this densely populated country in the East heavily relies on its agricultural production of cotton, fruits, and vegetables as well as other different forms of consumable products to sustain its population, which also functions as a major source of national income.

What is considered to be China’s third main driver of its exponential growth is its flourishing service sector. Supported by the surging demands of its domestic market and the country’s changing national policy, The country is heading towards becoming an international leader in innovation in the near future. Currently, the aspiring pioneer is exercising its creativity and integrating highly advanced technologies in a number of different industries such as engineering, business, retail, finance, and agriculture.

China accommodation

  • Furnished accommodation
  • Free Hi-Speed Wifi access
  • Close proximity to the workplace (within 1 hour or less)
  • Accessible by public transport
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Visa information

The Visitor Visa (F-Visa) is generally used to do an internship in China. This particular visa allows people to stay in China for a maximum duration of 6 months. Please note that, over recent years, the visa situation in regards to internships in China has become a gray area. It is encouraged to talk to our knowledgeable staff regarding this topic.

Apply online and our staff can help you further in regards to your visa eligibility for China.

Note: Immigration laws are updated frequently, so the above text may be subject to change.

Our process

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2. Interview
During your interview, one of our AIP representatives will ask you questions about your background, past work experiences, internship preferences and goals.
3. Pay Deposit
If you are officially accepted into AIP, you will be asked to confirm your spot in our program with a deposit fee.
4. Placement
Our experienced placement team will match you with your ideal host company and arrange an online interview for you with them.
5. Final Payment
Once your internship has been accepted by yourself and the host company, you will be invoiced for the final payment which will officially confirm your placement.
6. Prepare
After your payment confirmation: For remote internships: We will put you in contact with your host company so that you can start to work right away on your internship. For all the other AIP programs: We will assist you in the visa application process, as well as arranging airport pickup and accommodation (if applicable).
AIPx might be a suitable option for those that are in a hurry. Via AIPx, we will have a confirmed interview for you within 21 working days (The normal process can take up to 8 weeks).
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