Asia Internship Programme

We create your customized internship position in exotic Southeast Asia. What are you waiting for? Start your adventure with us!

Locations & Industries

Live and work in amazing locations across Southeast Asia. Want to experience one of the world’s most exciting cities? Do an internship in Bangkok! Or choose one of our other destinations in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or Vietnam and Philippines .

We cover a wide range of industries, including finance, business development, marketing, entrepreneurship, engineering, architecture, fashion design and many more.

Come to Southeast Asia

Accelerate your career
while living in an amazing place!

…An experience of a lifetime…

Southeast Asia – A Booming Economy

Invest into your future!
Gain hands-on experience in one
of the most dynamic business
regions worldwide!

Rich and Diverse Culture

Expose yourself to a fascinating environment!
Become a global citizen!

Tailor-made internships

We create your internship experience in Southeast Asia!

In today’s world, an international working experiences gives you a huge advantage over your peers regarding career opportunities. An internship in Southeast Asia gives you the chance to gain an expertise within one of the most dynamic economic areas.

Our placed interns gain a truly meaningful experience having the potential to really contribute to companies’ development.

Customized Placement

We don’t simply place interns in companies. We create customized internships that exactly match your expectations.

Full Package

The comprehensive all-in-one service to ensure you have a convenient and safe experience in Southeast Asia.


Our express service that makes sure you get an internship even if you have a very strict timeframe.

Internship Positions Created


Success rate in internship placement


Full-time opportunities created post internship

Relationships with companies

How does it work?

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I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of the staff members. Every step was so well organized and the people were so diligent that I didn’t have to worry about anything. I recommend the AIP to all young professionals like me who want to make a difference in their life and experience an entirely new working environment.

Yuliyana Ivanova

This is without a doubt the best service out there for young professionals, looking to get a foot in the door in Asia. I highly appreciated AIP’s support and flexibility. I encourage anyone to kick start their career by gaining work experience in amazing SEA!

Oliver Schneider

Efficiency! They managed find me a match in less than a week and followed up on every step along the way. They were very professional and incredibly responsible.

Josephine Yip

Anyone who is thinking whether or not they should apply, I’d say go for it!! Bangkok is amazing! While I learned a lot working here, I also had so much fun.

Iida Liukkonen

AIP managed to find the perfect internship for me. It gave me a good chance to explore the part of the world that I always wanted to, and in it’s entirety, Thailand is one great experience to have.

Syed Zuhair Abbas