For Parents

Hello Parents,

This page was created for you to be informed and familiarize yourselves with whom Asia Internship Program is, and what we can offer for your son or daughter. Pursuing an international internship in Asia can be highly beneficial towards the development and future professional career of your child.

From the day we meet your child in an initial interview until their last day working with their host company, AIP is here to provide a professional and safe internship experience. We have placed hundreds of young and passionate students in the past, who have gone on to have successful careers upon completion of their internship.

Benefits for your child


We find the perfect company for your son or daughter, and ensure they will receive relevant and practical working experience

Visa Assistance

We have years of experience in processing visas that we offer, and will provide assistance through the entire visa process.

Your Child's

Asia Internship Program’s priority is the health and safety of your child during the duration of their internship with us.


We can provide academic credit for students by working with their university. We can supervise and monitor as well as provide the resources to report university.

What other parents say

My son Anthony had previously been on vacation in Thailand back in 2009 and he always wanted to go back because he enjoyed his time there so much. During his sophomore year in college, he found Asia Internship Program online and saw that Thailand was an offered destination as he was going through the website.

Anthony applied to do a Business Development internship in Thailand since his Bachelor’s degree was in International Business. I was so surprised how fast and smoothly the entire application process went. Anthony had his interview with AIP and within a few weeks he had his initial interview with his host company.

Once Anthony arrived in Thailand I was really impressed with his accommodations and workplace as he was sending me pictures. Anthony also really enjoyed the host company he was working with because they were a start-up company with a small team, which Anthony said made the experience more challenging and fun.

Anthony is now back home in the U.S. and is thinking about going back to Thailand to work full time as he has made some valuable connections. I would highly recommend Asia Internship Program because I can now see how professional and reliable they are

We chose the Asia Internship Program because my daughter, Emma, needed to do an internship abroad as a part of her study program. However, the university offered little help in the search for an actual internship, the accommodation and dealing with the administrative procedures of receiving the right visa. That is why we started our search online.

We quickly found AIP and they offered to take care of all those headaches. This was a great relief for my daughter and me. My daughter was looking for a finance internship in Korea. After doing some research, we found out that this would be quite hard, especially with the visa. Nevertheless, AIP was able to pull it off as promised.

She is actually now in Korea doing her internship. She is very happy with the projects she is working on during her internship and she also likes her accommodation a lot. I want to thank everybody of the AIP team who has helped. I would certainly recommend your services to other parents and students.


Our track record

Asia Internship Program is the first fully integrated internship creator in Asia, focusing on experiential learning and professional development.

We place our program participants in all career fields throughout Asia, with our extensive network of 450+ partner companies, which include multinational companies, SMEs, and NGOs.

Operating since 2013, AIP has placed 400+ candidates with a 96% success rate in internship placement.

Asia Internship Program has established and maintains relationships with leading universities across the globe including Cornell University (American Ivy League institution, #17 in the world), National University of Singapore (#1 ranked university in Asia), IPE Management School (Premier business school in France), University of Hull (UK’s top university for graduate employability), and Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (one of the first private universities in Germany).

Furthermore, AIP is a top internship provider via GoAbroad and GoOverseas.